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Linda M. Roberts


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Contact Information

Title: Dr. Linda M. Roberts, Chemistry Department Chair

Walk-in: M 9-11 am and F 11-12 pm

By Appointment: W 10-11:30 am R 10-11 am. Call 278-6684 for appointment.

SEE advising : F 9-10. Contact SEE office at 278-6519 for appointment.

E-mail: robertslm@csus.edu
(916) 278-6684
Sacramento State
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6057

Fall 2016 Courses

I am not teaching this semester.


Research Projects/Interests


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one cause of death in American men and women.  One of the major factors in heart disease is blood cholesterol, which is carried by lipoproteins.  One of the most commonly used risk factors for heart disease is the serum level of HDL (high density lipoprotein) and LDL (low density lipoprotein).  High HDL and low LDL levels are correlated with reduced risk for heart disease.  HDL lowers the risk for CVD because it elicits the removal of cholesterol from cells in peripheral tissues.  This process is facilitated by the major protein in HDL, apolipoprotein A-I (apo A-I).  Our lab explores the structure-function relationships of apo A-I in humans and in other organisms. More recently, and in collaboration with several apolipoprotein A-I researchers, we have been exploring the properties of amyloid-forming variants of apoA-I. A large number of Sac State students (more than 80) have worked on apo A-I in my laboratory. Most of these students have gone on to PhD programs, jobs in industry, or medical or other professional schools. Students interested in participating in this research should contact me in person (check my current office hours). I welcome master's students as well as undergraduates at all levels. I also work with students from both the Chemistry and Biological Sciences departments. Since the training students receive in my lab requires a lot of my time, I also require a one-year commitment so that sufficient progress can be made for a research presentation at a regional or national meeting. For more information about our research, please make an appointment to come and see me or contact me at robertslm@csus.edu.

CURRENT STUDENTS (Degree path in parentheses)

Aurelia Leyva Castro (MS Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration). Aurelia is evaluating the properties of lipid-bound amyloid apoA-I and working for a local biotechnology company.

Roman Ishchuk (MS Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration). Roman examined the effect of detergents on fibril formation in Apo A-I. He worked for Agrinos, a plant biotechnology company in their research division. He was an extraordinarily kind and generous person and we will miss him tremendously.

Eric Herrera (MS Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration) Eric is examining the use of case studies in a chemistry course for pre-nursing students and plans to teach college level chemistry after he graduates.

Thao Tran (MS Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration) Thao is examining the effect of different pH's on the stability of amyloidogenic apoA-I.

Sami Haddad (BA Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration) Sami is investigating the kinetics of acid-induced aggregation of amyloidogenic ApoA-I. He plans to go to medical school next year.

Stephen Ng (BS, Biological Sciences, Microbiology concentration). Stephen is working with Thao Tran on stability of amyloidogenic apoA-I at different pH's. He is planning to work in a Bay area biotechnology company after he graduates.

Roman Demchuk (BS, Biological Sciences, Clinical lab sciences concentration) Roman is working with Sami on investigating the kinetics of acid-induced aggregation of amyloidgenic ApoA-I. He is planning on going to medical school.

Carmina Gutierrez (BS, Biological Sciences, Biomedical sciences concentration) Carmina is currently validating and evaluating expression levels of our ApoA-I clones. She is planning to go to medical school after she graduates.


Arthemon Rutaganira (BS Biochemistry, S2014) Arthemon is working for a local technology company.

Sammy Villa (BS, Biological Sciences, Cell and Molecular concentration, F2015) Sammy is planning to enter a PhD program.

Irina Yakimchuk (BS Biochemistry, S2015). Irina is working for Ampac Fine Chemicals in Rancho Cordova.

Sonia Hawkins (BS Biological Sciences) Sonia is working in a research lab in Portland, Oregon.

Hang Truong (BS Biochemistry, S2014) Hang is planning to go to pharmacy school.

Megan Cochran (MS Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration S2013). Megan is currently an account manager and analytical chemist at Phigenics, a water management and testing company in Chicago.

Trang Duong (MS Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration S2013). Trang is working in the local biotechnology industry.

Yadwinder Bal (BS, Biochemistry S2013) Yadwinder is planning to pursue a PhD in bioinformatics.

Holly Nguyen (BS, Biochemistry S2013) Holly is planning to pursue a degree in pharmacy.

Valerie Yamamoto (BS, Biochemistry S2013) Valerie is pursuing a degree in pharmacy and also works as technical support staff for Biology course prep at Sacramento City College.

Alisha Knudsen (BS, Biochemistry S2013) Alisha is completing a master's degree in the CSUS Biological Sciences Stem Cell professional master's program.

William McCray (BS, Biochemistry S2013) William is working at Amgen in Rancho Cordova while continuing to develop his career as a professional dancer.

Codey Kongpanickul (BS, Biochemistry S2013) Codey is working in protein production at Genentech in Vacaville.

Mai Thao (MS Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration). Mai is working on a PhD in Biochemistry at Northern Illinois University.

Angela Monterrubio (BS, Biochemistry). Angela is working on a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Davis.

Mustafa Safi (BS, Biochemistry). Mustafa joined the lab as first-year college student and has been admitted to medical school starting F2014.

Silvia Hilt (BA, Biochemistry concentration; BS Biology). Silvia works as a cardiac intensive care nurse on weekends and is a PhD student in the laboratory of Dr. John Voss at UC Davis, where she still works on apolipoproteins.

Joe Case (BA, Biochemistry concentration). Joe completed his bachelor's in Chemistry and is working in Mesa, AZ.

Toribio Postiglione (BS, Biology). Toribio completed his degree and is completing a master's in nursing.

Adam Floyd (BA, Biochemistry concentration). Adam is working as an analytical chemist for Vermicrop Organics in Rocklin, CA.


Aurelia Leyva

Aurelia explaining the ins and outs of amyloid apoA-I at 2013 CSUPERB meeting

Hang Truong at the 2013 NSM Summer Research Symposium

Arthemon with his poster at the 2013 NSM Summer Research Symposium

Sammy Villa at the 2013 NSM Summer Research Symposium


Sammy and Carmina explaining the effect of lysophosphatidylcholine on aggregation of L178H apoA-I at the 2015 CSUPERB meeting.


Roman pointing out the differential effects of detergents on aggregation in G26R apoA-I at the 2015 CSUPERB meeting.

Group photo at CSUPERB meeting.

Celebrating the graduating seniors!


Papers and Publications

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Last updated: 9/12/2016