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Dr. Amy Rogers

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Bio 181 Weekly homework

  • Problem Set #1 (due Wednesday, Feb. 6th)
  • Week 1 (due Monday, Feb. 11th): Restriction enzymes
  • Week 2 (due Monday, Feb. 18th) New England Biolabs
  • Week 3 (due Monday, Feb. 25th) Gene delivery systems (BioRad)
  • Week 4 (due Monday, March 3rd) Invitrogen Gateway system
  • Week 5: Restriction map of pAK
  • Week 6 (due Monday, March 17th) Promega HotStart and Pfu
  • Week 7 (due Wednesday, March 26th): PCR Primer Design
  • Week 8 (due Monday, April 14th): UDG cloning
  • Week 9 (due Monday, April 21st) Southern blotting problems
  • Week 10 (due Monday, April 28th) Real time PCR
  • Week 11 (due Monday, May 5th) YOU MUST CUT & PASTE the link to the Affymetrix activity; clicking on it misses the last few characters of the address. Microarrays
last updated: 03/18/2008
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