MIS 175 GROUP PROJECT (Sections 1,2,8)


Project Options:

MIS 175 GROUP PROJECT (Sections 1,2,8)

This is a group project. If you are not already part of a group, you should be working on forming one.  It is your responsibility to inform the Instructor of your group composition. Read the following instructions carefully. Your grade will in part be a function of following instructions carefully and submitting a quality product.

You are to submit a hard copy report and make a group presentation. All group members should contribute to the content of the report and the presentation. The group members should decide how to divide the work, but should not tolerate a group member who does not perform a fair share of the work. It is strongly recommended that you appoint a group leader.  The presentation and report should be smoothly integrated.

The hard copy report is due 5/8. The body of the report must be typed, double-spaced, and 4-8 pages (about 1000-2000 words) in length. There should also be a title page, with your group number and your group members’ names. The body of the report should come next.  Please organize the report along the same lines as the problem description.

At least two members of the group will make the presentation.  It is to be 6-8 minutes in length. You must use PowerPoint for your presentation. Bring the PowerPoint file to class on a 1.4MB floppy or 100MB zip disk.  Before you present, provide the Instructor with a “Handout“ of your slides (6 slides per page), which shows your group number.

For all of the projects, your group is a consultant, asked by the client to perform some analysis, draw some conclusions, make some recommendations, and explain how the client will benefit by following your recommendations.  Address your written and oral presentations to the client. Try to address all of the issues, but feel free to broaden your analysis if you feel it’s appropriate.

The criteria for evaluating your report and presentation will relate to the technical content, accuracy, and appropriate level for the intended audience. Do not assume the client is technically sophisticated.  Be sure to explain the purpose of your presentation, your evaluation/recommendations, and how/why following your recommendations will benefit the client.

You will be marked down for simply reciting “definitions”.  Put things in your own words and explain them as if you were speaking with an associate.  The presentation will also be evaluated on professionalism, organization, time management, clarity, delivery, quality of the visuals, and eye contact with the audience.

The grade you receive will be calculated by factoring the grade for the project by the average values awarded to you by the other members of your group. On the day of the group’s presentation, each group member must submit a confidential Peer Evaluation completed for each group member (other than yourself).

All students are expected to be present during presentations, arrive on time, and remain in the room until class is over.

Suggestion: Doing everything as a group is slow and inefficient. Use whole-group meetings primarily as brainstorming and coordinating sessions.  Delegate specific tasks to one or more group members.  One member should be designated as the “quality control” person, responsible for pulling the pieces together into a smooth, integrated whole.