ComS 168
Course Assignments, Options and Weighted Values:  (Click on titles for details)
Required Core Assignments
Term paper (and presentation) 300 pts (200 term paper + 100 presentation)
Mid-term and Final Exams 150 pts.(2 X 75 pts)
Teaching of a Critical Method1 150 pts
Meeting with Instructor 50 pts
Occasionally collected homework2 100 pts
                                                                         Total   750 pts = C 

1You may, if you are to present the same day as a colleague, pool your allotted times and make a joint presentation of complementary ideas. You will share the grade for the project, if you wish to do this.
2For many of the readings I provide you with questions or activities to guide your reading and facilitate digesting the readings. I will collect these randomly. Grading will be: 0-assignment was incorrect or incomplete; 1-complete and appropriate; 2 complete and particularly insightful.

Optional Assignments
Journal 50-150points
Annotated Bibliography 100 points
Basic Questions Essays 50-150points
Glossary 50-100 points
Project of your own design 50-150 points

You must complete all the core assignments. If you choose to do no other assignments, you will be graded on the points you achieved in those assignments. If you wish to contract for a higher grade, you will negotiate a contract indicating the specific assignments and due dates for your assignments which you and I will sign. You will be held to the due dates agreed upon in the contract. [Click to download PDF file to print]   If you choose not to do an assignment(s) after you have completed the contract, that is your choice. You may request a renegotiation to add an assignment until the 10th week of the semester. No renegotiation will be possible after that date. This avoids Acranking@ out products for the purposes of padding a grade. The intent of this format is to provide you opportunity for engaging yourself in your own learning and taking responsibility for it rather being externally driven.

You will collect all your work in a 3-ring binder that will constitute a portfolio of your work throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, you will review the contents of the portfolio and your contract with me to determine your final grade. The portfolio will be a useful document for those who expect to graduate soon; you should have some writing samples in it you wish to show interested employers. Should you decide to go to graduate school, you will have a portfolio of your work to show a review committee. For those headed to graduate school, it may also be a source of useful information for research and writing.

Final Grades will be assigned per your accumulated points as follows:

                          A (940-1000)    A- (900-930)
B+ (880-890)    B (840-870)      B- (800-830)
C+ (760-790)    C (750)             C- (700-740)
D+ (680-690)    D (640-670)      D- (600-630)
F <600

NOTE: I will not discuss any grades for any assignment on the day I hand it back to you, nor will I discuss individual grades in the classroom. All such discussions will take place in my office AT LEAST one day after the grade has been received. If you wish to contest a grade, write out your argument clearly, concisely and completely.