ComS 5 The Communication Experience  
Course Assignments

REQUIRED Assignments = 850 (B)
See note below

Optional Assignments

4 Tests (400 pts.)

3 Self assessments (150 pts):

  1. Self-Perceived Communication  Competence Scale (SPCC)
  2. Interpersonal Communication Inventory
  3. Personal Report of  Public Speaking Anxiety

1 Reading Presentation (50 pts)

1 Group Project & Presentation (100)

1 Poster Presentation (100 pts)

Attendance = up to (50 pts)

Total = 850 points

News About Communication (50 pts.)
                    (repeatable X 1)

Reading Presentation (50 pts) (Time permitting)

Connecting to Another Course (100 pts.) 

On-line Media Assignment (50 pts.)

I recommend that you keep all of your graded assignments in a portfolio with your contract. If I fail to record a grade or record it incorrectly, we'll have documentation for me to fix such mistakes. I will not make any changes without the documentation.

Click here for the ComS 5 Contract

Final Grades will be assigned as percentage of points achieved:

                           A (940-1000) A- (900-939) 

B+ (880-899) B (840-879)   B- (800-839) 

C+ (780-799)    C (740-779)   C- (700-739) 

D+  (680-699)   D  (640-679) D- (600-639) 

F  < 599

Note: In order to achieve a B without completing any optional assignments, your performance on the required assignments will have to be consistently perfect or near perfect. If your target is a better grade, then give serious thought to what optional assignments you will find significant and valuable to you and promote your learning about what it means to be a competent communicator in our present society. The responsibility for getting optional assignments in on time is yours.   I will not remind you of nor ask you for your assignments--you will take the initiative to get them to me on the dates you promised. Make sure you keep a copy of your contract and reivew it regularly. I suggest you mark your assignment due dates on the course calendar.

Note: Attendance points will be earned as follows: 0-1 Absence = 50 points; 2 Absences = 40 points; 3 Absences = 25 points; > 4 Absences = 0 points