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K-12 faculty professional workshops


How to make a flashlight

How to make an electric motor

How to make an ecosystem

Ecosystem Directions

Ecosystem Student Handout

Ecosystem Helpful Hints

Videos created by: Jennifer Chan- Girl Scout Gold Project 2009 Handouts created by: Lauren Chan - Girl Scout Gold Project 2011



Date Workshop Name Download File
1 September 2006 Motion Workshop SIRC1 (zipped Word file)
2 April 2007 Circuits Workshop SIRC2 (zipped Word file)
3 April 2007 Magnetism Workshop SIRC3 (zipped Word file)
4 October 2007 Matter Workshop SIRC4 (zipped Word file)
5 November 2007 Circuits Lab workshop SIRC5 (zipped Word file)
6 February 2008 Technology Workshop SIRC6 (zipped Word file)
7 July 2008 Elk Grove Electrostatics eSCI1 (zipped Word file)
8 July 2008 Elk Grove Circuits eSCI2 (zipped Word file)
9 July 2008 Elk Grove Magnetism eSCI3 (zipped Word file)
10 July 2008 Elk Grove ElectroMagnet eSCI4 (zipped Word file)