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ECON 145: Research Methods

Course Description

Catalog Description
Covers the basics of conducting applied economic research: the selection of topic, literature survey, choice of research method, formulation of hypothesis, testing of hypothesis using empirical analysis, and summary and conclusions. Designed to enhance the student's ability to integrate economic theory, quantitative research skills, and research.

Scope and Objectives
This course will give you the opportunity to apply your training in economic theory to applied economic research. We will explore current research topics in economics, develop the tools that economists use to explore those topics, and apply these tools to new research. You will learn the steps involved in conducting economic research. You will select a research question, formulate a hypothesis, apply an economic model, and collect and analyze data.

The goals for this course are for students to be able to :

  • Apply economic theory to real world situations, and to utilize economic theory to frame analysis of research questions.
  • Recognize the vast array of information available to economists over the Internet and in the library, and to learn where resources and data can be found.
  • Use statistical analysis to test economic theory and address policy issues.
  • Gain an appreciation for the value of economic reasoning and research, but to also recognize the limitations of its application.

You are expected to come to class prepared to participate in class discussions; some of your assignments will be conducted in class. Completion of required readings prior to class meetings is crucial to your understanding of the material, and necessary for your contribution to the learning environment.

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