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The purpose of the homework assignment is to encourage further practice of the theoretical topics covered in our book. The image below shows you the 3 major components of SAP's Business Intelligence architecture: Sources, Capabilities, and Access (think of it as Input, Process, Output). Each homework assignment focuses on one of these components. Assignment 1 focuses on the development of a Data Warehouse. Assignment 2 focuses on gathering business intelligence (including data mining), and Assignment 3 focuses on the presentation layer with Dashboards and reports. 

Assignment Submitting Standards:

(40 points) ASSIGNMENT 1 - Build a Data Warehouse [top]

Assignment 1.1: Create InfoObject Catalogs, InfoObjects, DataStore Object and InfoCube. ../SAP_BI/Assignment1_BI4.docx

Assignment 1.2: ETL Master Data from Flat Files. ../SAP_BI/Assignment1_Part2_BI4.docx, ../SAP_BI/GBI20ProductV01.csv

Assignment 1.3: ETL Transaction Data from Flat Files. ../SAP_BI/Assignment1_Part3_BI4.docx, ../SAP_BI/SalesdataV01.csv

(30 points) ASSIGNMENT 2  - Produce Reports and Mine for Intelligence [top]

Assignment 2.1: Build a Query with BEx Query Designer. BHON120_Assignment1_1_BusinessExplorer_Query_Designer.docx

Assignment 2.3: Analyze data with BusinessObjects Explorer 4.0. BHON120_Assignment1_2_BusinessObjects_Explorer.pdf, GBI_Data_Explorer_V02.xls

Assignment 2.4: Data Mining Association Analysis. Assignment23_Solution.docxshoppingdataset.csv (data file)

(30 points) ASSIGNMENT 3 - Develop the Presentation Layer [top]

Assignment 3.1: Dashboard Design Competition Case Study: ../SAP_BI/Junior Achievement case study.pdf

Here is the Assignment description: ../SAP_BI/DashboardDesignAssignment.doc

Here is the data: ../SAP_BI/

Here are the spring 2016 Solutions: Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4, Team 5, Team 6

(5 points) Extra Credit - Work with Pivot Tables [top]

Here is a list of all calculations required:

a.     Sales (or Net Sales) = Revenue - Discount

b.     Contribution Margin = "Net Sales" - "Cost Of Goods Sold"

c.     Margin Ratio = "Contribution Margin" / "Net Sales"

Using the Microsoft Excel File BicycleForPivotV01.xls, answer the following questions:

  1. What were the Grand Total Net Sales for the Entire Organization?  (documentation: text)

  2. What were the Internet Net Sales for Munich Bike Store Sales Organization and for City bike (CB) Material Group? (documentation: text)

  3. What were the Wholesale Net  for Munich Bike Store Sales Organization and for City bike (CB) Material Group, and for M6 Hardtrail 18" Material? (documentation: text)

  4. Show a report for Internet Net Sales, for City bike (CB) Material Group, only in 2007, and for the months of Jan, Feb, and March? (documentation: print screen)

  5. Show a report for Wholesales sales by Material Group, only in 2007, and for ALL months. In this report show the Revenues, Net Sales, Contribution Margin ("Net Sales" - "Cost Of Goods Sold"), and Margin Ratio ("Contribution Margin" / "Net Sales". (documentation: print screen)

Submit an one page document which contains your answers. Make sure that your name is on the document.