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 음악및 영화

ON Demand Korea Bitsnoop Dabdate torrentkim YIFY
모바일 대마왕 BayKoreans Viki tosarang  

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TV 방송

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라디오 방송
교통방송 불교방송 평화방송 기독교방송

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중앙일보 조선일보  한국일보  일간스포츠  

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"Other" useful Web sites
야후 영한사전 Pronunciation Kelly's Bluebook CarsDirect
Comcast Internet Special CA Korean Lang. Schools Annual Credit Report Tripadvisor.com
현대해운 드림백     Student Air Fare
Bank Rates Fun Arcade Downloading YouTube Video Quickbook
Miniclips UCD 한인 대학원회 Square Stripe

"Educational" Web sites

 TaskStream TI pre-service discount program 경희대 Government Grants MSRI
edTPA AACTE CSUS Korean Concentration   My Portal (timesheet)  
Oracle ERP (timesheet)

edTPA Project Site

ePEN 2.3.1 ADP (paystub) Pearson MyCloud

COE Web sites

Information for Faculty and Staff electronic forms Cascade Server    
current student resources jump start info supervisor info

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