Student Presentation Requirements

STRONG 2018 asks Hornets to "Imagine Tomorrow's Solutions." STRONG 2018 asks students to use the education they receive at Sac State to solve a problem within their chosen career field or major. 

This presentation is simple. Students present an idea to solve a problem. (The problem must be real.) 

For example: A sociology major wants to improve services to Sacramento County's homeless population. The student would "pitch" an idea of how to do this. 

Sample Pitch: To improve services to Sacramento County's homeless population, I propose a mobile service delivery vehicle called "Pop-Up Shelter," that provides meals, basic grooming supplies, and counseling to Sacramento's homeless population.

Academic Showcase Details

  • Group or individual entries are allowed.
  • Undergraduate and graduate submissions will be in different categories.
  • No student can participate in more than one entry.
  • Students will identify which of Sac State's "7 Dimensions of Wellness" the project fits under: Environmental, Intellectual, Sociocultural, Emotional, Physical, Career/Financial, or Spiritual. 
  • Students must provide an abstract that briefly describes the problem and solution. The abstract should be 3-5 sentences. More detail provided is best. 
  • Students to not have to implement the idea they present.
    • EX: If the solution is to create a new homeless shelter, the student does not actually have to create the shelter. The student presents why a shelter would be needed and how an organization would go about doing that. 
  • Students will present for 15 minutes in front of 2 judges. The judges will be assigned to the student based on the abstract they provide. 
  • It is recommended that students plan to deliver their thesis, or "pitch", or summarize the main ideas, in the first 5 minutes. Judges will then engage students in dialogue and question-and-answers for the next 5-6 minutes. The remaining minutes will be spent for questions and scoring. 
  • Finalists for Round 2 will be announced during the Employer Reception at 12:45 in the Library Art Gallery.
  • Finalists will present to a group of judges from 1-2 pm and award winners will be announced at 2 p.m.

    Judges will rank each project on the following criteria:
  1. Use at least 2 credible sources to document the problem
  2. Have a clear problem statement
  3. Offer a clear solution
  4. Relevance to the student’s major or area of study
  5. Include a clear project title
  6. Make eye contact with judges
  7. Provide an adequate introduction to the idea
  8. Elevator pitch summarized problem and solution in about 2 minutes
  9. Leave time for judges to ask questions. (Students have 15 minutes total. The "pitch," or explanation, should be about 5 minutes to allow time for questions and conversation.)
  10. Provide adequate responses to questions
  11. Creativity of solution
  12. Feasibility of solution
  13. Physical props, displays, aides, models (3-dimensional) - not required
  14. Visuals, graphics, poster, handout, flyer (2-dimensional) - not required 
  15. Student presenting checked in with judge to make sure they understood
  16. Relevance to employer

Students will receive positive feedback and constructive criticism from each judge/community partner based on their content and presentation. 

Click here to see sample score sheet