My Student is in High School

All new undergraduate students entering the California State University system are required to take placement tests that measure their skill level in both English and Math. Two placement tests are given to all non-exempt incoming students: the Entry Level Math (ELM) Exam and the English Placement Test (EPT). The results of these placement tests determine the appropriate Math and English courses students will first take at Sac State. These tests are very important and students are encouraged to practice. See the CSU Math Success website for ELM practice, and see CSU English Success website for ELM practice. Students must sign up about two weeks in advance to take these tests. To register for the exams, see the Testing Center’s website.

The CSU Early Start Program requires students who do not perform well on the Entry Level Math Exam (ELM) or the English Placement Test (EPT), or are not exempt by other means, to strengthen their English and/or math skills the summer before enrolling in the freshman year. Students who score below 147 on the EPT and below 50 on the ELM will be required to participate in the Early Start Program. For further information regarding Early Start, contact the CSU campus that you plan on attending or visit

Is your student considering applying to Sacramento State? See the Admissions website for admission requirements, important dates and deadlines, and more.

Already thinking about where your student will live if they attend Sacramento State? Contact the Housing Office for a tour of the facilities and ask to see freshman halls. See for more information, or check out this brochure to look inside the rooms and get a better idea of what the spaces look like.

Visit our campus and get a guided tour to learn about our campus. Hear fun facts, see popular gathering spots for students, like the University Union and Library Quad, learn where important building such as Lassen Hall, where students pay bills, get academic advising and much more, are located, and tour The WELL, our health and wellness facility. Sign up for a free tour at

Paying for college is an important and sometimes complicated process. If you and/or your student want to receive Financial Aid—grants, scholarships, and loans—the student must fill out a FAFSA application each year. Sacramento State students are required to pay tuition and fees each semester they attend. Tuition is the cost to attend classes; mandatory fees are designated for specific programs and services all students can access. Examples of mandatory fees include:
  • The University Union fee, which allows the student to use The WELL during the academic year.
  • The health fee, which enables students to access the Student Health and Counseling Center.
  • The ASI fee, which facilities student involvement through student government, events, and activities. Tuition and fees are due to the University 14 days after a student registers for classes. Neither you nor your son or daughter will be billed. Due dates and balances owned are available to students via the MySacState portal.

Pay In Person Your son or daughter can pay tuition and fees in person at the Bursar's Office (Lassen Hall, Room 1001) using:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Cashier's check

Debit cards and credit cards will not be accepted. Access the Student Financial services center's Contact information and hours operating here.