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They represent you and bring your concerns to the University when you might not be able to do so. Read their biographies below, talk with them at campus events, read the "Parent to Parent" section in the e-newsletter Hornet Parent News, chat on Facebook, or connect with them through email. 

Sac State Parent Success Council Members

What is a Parent Ambassador?

The Parent Ambassadors are a volunteer board of parents and family members of current Sac State students. The members of this dedicated team are ambassadors for Sacramento State within their communities and throughout the state. They also serve as a voice for students' family members, a sounding board for University leadership, and are here to talk with other parents and family members--particularly those who are new to the Sac State family. 

In addition to representing Sacramento State parents, ambassadors take an active leadership role in reaching out to offer advice to parents who have not been through the college system before or simply need support as their student transitions to college. On a monthly basis, ambassadors work under the direction of Parents & Families Director, Haley Myers Dillon, to host events, foster communication, and build a community for Sac State parents.

Set a positive example for your student to be an ambassador for change on campus. Apply to serve as an ambassador today!  

Can I serve as an Ambassador? 

If you would like to learn more about serving as a Parent Ambassador, please read the role description and email this completed application to Parents & Families Program director Haley Myers Dillon at

Volunteers Welcome! 

If you would like to volunteer, but your time is limited, there are many volunteer opportunities throughout the semester that do not require a long-term commitment. There are lots of ways to volunteer. You can volunteer as someone who attends an event, hosts an event, or advises another parent. Volunteerism can be structured (i.e., hosting a table at the Career Center's Etiquette Dinner), or loose (i.e., talking with a parent who is worried about their student). Please email Haley Myers, director of the Parents & Families Program, to discover ways you can help. 

Meet the Parent Ambassadors!


Jeff Ingles, Citrus Heights

Jeffrey and his wife Brenda have a son and daughter attending Sacramento State. Their son is a junior majoring in Child Development, and is in the Honors Program. Their daughter is a freshman, majoring in Biology and is also in the Honors Program. Both students live at home and commute to campus. Jeffrey is a 1982 CSUS graduate and an Alumni Association Life Member. Ask Jeffrey a question at


John Giese, La Crescenta

John lives in Southern California in the San Gabriel Valley. His son Robert is an engineering major and is starting his sophomore year. Both John and Robert are new to the school. John is an engineer, amateur pit master, woodworker and model airplane enthusiast. He loves to be useful to others and to support parents who want to step up into leadership positions. Email John at


Debbie Smith, Galt

Debbie and Tony are proud parents of Sacramento State student Lindsey who is a Civil Engineering major. Lindsey plans to graduate in Spring 2018, and is their first student in college. She enjoys going to The WELL, and commutes to campus. Ask Debbie a question at


Eric Marenoff, Simi Valley

Eric’s daughter Jessica is a senior studying early childhood development. She currently lives on campus. Email Eric at


Maria and John Thomas, Sebastopol

Maria & John live in Sebastopol, California and have two daughters. Their youngest, Anita, is a third year Sacramento State student majoring in Fashion Merchandising. She shares an apartment off campus. Their oldest daughter, Brenna, graduated from UC Santa Cruz. You can contact Maria or John at at


Isabelle Johnston

Isabelle graduated with a degree in business administration from Sacramento State. Her son, Nicholas, is a senior double majoring in mechanical engineering and physics. He lives at home and commutes to campus. Isabelle believes a college degree enables students to get successful careers and brighter futures. Email Isabelle at


Angie Maharaj, Sacramento

Angie and her husband, Bobby, are the proud parents of Kashev- a first year student majoring in criminal justice. Being organized and planning his class and work schedule has been a top priority for the freshman as he commutes to college. Angie, a CSUS alumna, is a 14 year financial service veteran. She currently managers two Wells Fargo bank branches- one on the CSUS campus and another a few miles away. Her professional experience (plus having a college-age child) had made her an expert with financial aid, student loans, one card and financial planning/budgeting process. She’s fluent in Hindi. Email Angie at


Joi Waite, Sacramento

Joi has two sons; her youngest, Jalen, is starting his second year at Sac State as a Deaf studies major. He lives at home and commutes to campus. Joi enjoys volunteering and appreciates the information from Parents & Families Program. Ask Joi a question at

Shirley Karrer, Concord

Shirley lives in the Bay Area and enjoys cooking, gardening, and advocacy! Her son Zachary transferred to Sac State from Diablo Valley College, and is majoring in exercise science. Zachary is expected to graduate Fall 2017. Contact Shirley at


Aury Gutierrez-Zavala, Elk Grove

Aury Gutierrez-Zavala has two daughters attending Sac State. Both her daughters live at home. Her older daughter, Elissa, is studying Health Sciences, and her younger daughter, Andreya, is a pre-Nursing major. Aury is a Hornet, too! She received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Sac State. Aury speaks English and Spanish. Ask her a question at