Sac State University Policy Manual

Visiting Scholars Program

Policy Administrator: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: July 28, 1999
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Policy File Number: UMV19050.htm


1. The Visiting Scholars Program of CSUS provides opportunities for enrichment and creative
    stimulation within the University community.

2. As many scholars will be invited to speak on the campus throughout the academic year as
    circumstances and funding permits.

3. Those recommended for the Program must have established records of accomplishment in
    their fields.

4. Presentations by visiting scholars shall be free to the University community and to the
    Sacramento community at large.

5. Programs shall be scheduled at times and places so as to maximize attendance, with
   maximum use of appropriate indoor and outdoor University facilities.


1. Funds for the Program will be administered by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2. Academic Affairs shall provide the necessary staff support to the Committee.

3. The Visiting Scholars Committee of the Academic Senate has the following membership and charge:

a. Membership:

(1) Eight full-time faculty representative of the academic community. Three (3) from Arts and
     Sciences; one (1) from each professional school; and one (1) from the Library.

(2) One advisory member from the Office of University Affairs.

(3) Two ex-officio members, appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

(4) One student, appointed by the A.S.I. Board.

(5) Committee members serve three years terms and are eligible for reappointment.

b. Charge:

The Committee:

(1) Establishes procedures for the solicitation of proposals from the academic community.
(2) Solicits and accepts nominations from all faculty members.

(3) Establishes and uses a review process for the selection of the visiting scholars which shall

(a) An emphasis on scholars who have not previously been selected.

(b) A limitation of one nomination per semester per faculty member.

(4) Makes recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for the visiting scholars
      to appear at CSUS, and reports on its recommendations to the Senate.

c. Other:

(1) Costs for the visiting scholars are paid by funds allocated to the Visiting Scholars Program.

(2) Each semester the Committee selects a distinguished member of the Sacramento
      Community to present the Town-and-Gown address.