Sac State University Policy Manual
Campus Physical Planning
Policy Administrator:  Vice President for Administration/CFO
Authority:  Board of Trustees Policy, PPD 84-21 (Naming of CSU Facilities & Properties)
Effective Date: May 21, 2012
Updated:  May 7,  2012 (Replaces Campus Facilities Planning)
Index Cross-References:  E.O. 713, PM 93-02, PM 89-16 (Naming Campus Facilities)
Policy File Number:  ADM - 0158


The purpose of the Campus Physical Planning policy is to review and recommend policies and proposals affecting the University’s physical environment. The Committee is advisory to the President on matters that affect university plans and priorities or those that are likely to have a major impact on University programs. Specific functions include:

  • Review and recommend modifications to the campus Physical Master Plan, as needed, or comprehensively every three years
  • Review and make recommendations on the annual update of the Five-Year Capital Improvement Program
  • Ensure Capital Improvement Program is consistent with the University Strategic Plan and Academic Master Plan
  • Recommend Minor Capital Outlay Program priorities
  • Review and comment on the architectural design of proposed new and remodeled campus buildings
  • Advise the President’s Cabinet on the relationship between the campus physical environment and enrollment projections
  • Review projects involving exterior graphics, landscaping, land use, property acquisition, parking, etc., as needed
  • Review and make recommendations on the naming of facilities that are not donor related; coordinate with University Advancement

Meetings will be held as needed.  Meeting notices will be posted in advance of meetings.
Membership of the committee is as follows:

  • One college dean or designated associate dean appointed by the President
  • The University Provost or designee
  • The Vice President for Administration/CFO or designee
  • Associate Vice President for Facilities Services
  • One faculty member (recommended by the Faculty Senate)
  • One faculty member (recommended by the Provost and appointed by the President)
  • One staff member (recommended by the University Staff Assembly) appointed by the President
  • One student (recommended by ASI) appointed for a one-year term by the President

All appointments are for three-year, staggered terms unless otherwise noted.
Ex-Officio, non-voting members:
Technical Advisors:

  • Campus Master Plan architect
  • Director, Planning, Design and Construction
  • Manager, Project Design and Development
  • Director of Property Services, University Enterprises Inc. (UEI)

Invited Guests:

Other sub-groups may be invited and assigned as needed, to address other issues as needed.
The Committee shall select a member to serve as chair with a term of one academic year. The chair shall work with the Associate Vice President for Facilities Services in preparing meeting agendas and meeting minutes.

Staff support for the committee will be provided by Facilities Services.



Approved by: Alexander Gonzalez, President

Date: May 21, 2012