Sac State University Policy Manual

Outdoor Art Committee

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration
Authority: E.O. 276
Effective Date: July 29, 1977
Index Cross-References: Deans, University, Selection of Librarians, Selection of; University Deans, Selection of
Policy File Number: UMO13500.htm

Outdoor Art Committee

Membership of the Committee

  • 2 faculty members
  • 1 student
  • 4 community members
  • Art Librarian, ex officio
  • Campus Architect, ex officio
  • Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
  • Art Department Chair
  • University Development representative, ex officio

Members of the committee are selected by the President.  Faculty and community members will serve staggered three year renewable terms.  Individuals currently serving in these roles without specified terms will be assigned terms randomly to assure continuity of membership.  The student member's term will be one year, renewable.

Committee Charge

  1. Periodically monitor existing policies, practices and guidelines for the selection and installation of Outdoor Art at California State University, Sacramento and recommend needed changes.
  2. Review existing Outdoor Art at California State University, Sacramento, and recommend whether it should be retained or removed.
  3. Regularly review the Master Plan for Outdoor Art at California State University, Sacramento for consistency and harmony with the facilities and landscape Master Plan.
  4. Seek resources: e.g., grants, donations, etc. for Outdoor Art in consultation with University Affairs.
  5. Using the Master Plan for Outdoor Art as a guide, work with the donor and/or the donor's designee (as necessary) in recommending a site for placement of an artwork.
  6. Recommend to the President about and placement of works of art.  The recommendation will include the input of the committee and a panel of community art experts and will take into consideration the aesthetic framing of the piece and its accessibility to students and the community.  In the event that the recommendation of the committee is not accepted, the committee will be provided an opportunity to respond.
  7. Prepare an annual report on the status of outdoor art holdings in the University.