Sac State University Policy Manual

Civic Organization Participation

Policy Administrator: The President
Authority: PM 00-09
Effective Date: August 22, 2000
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Policy File Number: UMC02225.htm

Civic Organization Participation

Criteria for determination of value to the University for existing and proposed affiliations:

    • must have support or a relationship of at least one University academic or support unit
    • must provide tangible opportunities for students to be involved in the organization's work
    • must identify with the university in publications and activities
    • must relate in a significant way in its mission to the University and its programs of instruction, research, and service.

Consistent minimum commitment of organization desiring the affiliation.

  • written agreement of collaboration
  • University space is made available when there is a value exchanged or a fee
  • Normally, space will be agreed upon for a minimum three year period
  • when appropriate, a base monthly "services fee" is to be determined and charged for a defined range of services (for example, phone access, technology usage, and the like) or special services
  • agreement to abide by the rules of the University
  • agreement on fund raising activities to the end that the University and the proposed affiliate organization respect each other's activity
  • agreement on mutual coordination of activities when appropriate

Establishment and review of affiliation

  • final approval of the affiliation is by the University president
  • as part of the affiliation, a year-end report/review from the organization should be made
  • oversight of each affiliation is the responsibility of a designated vice president
  • provisions for the review or termination should be addressed in each affiliation agreement, for the relocation of space, and a process for withdrawal of affiliation with adequate notice