Sac State University Policy Manual

Vice Presidents, University Deans/Librarians, Selection of

Policy Administrator: Dean Faculty and Staff Affairs
Effective Date: July 1, 1987
Index Cross-References: Deans, University, Selection of Librarians, Selection of; University Deans, Selection of
Policy File Number: UMV19000.htm

Selection of Vice Presidents University Deans/Librarians


1. The role of the faculty is consultative and the process will be initiated by the President when such appointment is made.

2. Consultation shall begin as soon as it is clear a vacancy will occur.

3. Since the faculty nominating committee is charged with making nominations, it must diligently seek all pertinent information about possible nominees.

4. There shall be full consultation prior to appointment, with opportunity for interviews by the faculty nominating committee with the most qualified candidates.

5. When an academic-administrative appointment is to be accompanied by a faculty appointment, there also shall be consultation and concurrence with the faculty of that unit prior to the offer of a faculty appointment.

6. The faculty nominating committee shall submit, unranked, the names of not fewer than three nominees, and discuss with the President the strengths and weaknesses of each of the candidates.

7. If the candidate appointed is not among those nominated by the faculty nominating committee, the President and the faculty committee shall jointly report this fact to the faculty on discharge of the committee.

8. All committee proceedings and recommendations shall be confidential.


1. When a vacancy occurs or a new position is established, the President will notify the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.

2. The Executive Committee will initiate the establishment of an ad hoc committee to consult with the President regarding recommendations for the position.

3. The ad hoc committee will consist of:

A. An administration representative selected by the President.

B. At least three faculty members selected by the Executive Committee, subject to confirmation by the Academic Senate. Not more than one faculty member may be from the same professional school or division, and not more than two faculty members may be from Arts and Sciences.

C. One or more faculty member(s), where appropriate, from the area concerned, selected by the Executive Committee and confirmed by the Academic Senate.

D. Two students selected by the Student Senate.

E. One staff member.

F. The number of members shall be determined so that at least half of the committee members are faculty, confirmed by the Academic Senate.