Sac State University Policy Manual

Child Care Center Parent Advisory Council

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Student Affairs
Effective Date: July 28, 1999
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Policy File Number: UMC13905.htm



Voting Member Positions:

3 Student Parents - To be elected by majority vote during Children's Center Orientation meeting in August. Parents wanting to serve on the Parent Advisory Council will indicate their interest on the Parent Involvement Form during registration; tenure: 2 students, 2 semesters each; 1 student, 4 semesters. The 2-semester positions will be seated alternately at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, except for those positions elected during the 1990 Orientation, which will both be seated at the beginning of the Fall 1990 semester, with one position for a term of three semesters.

1 ASI Board member - appointed by ASI President; tenure maximum of 2 semesters, to run concurrently with term of appointing ASI President.

1 Faculty member/ 1 Staff member - to serve in alternating years selected on alternating years either by University Staff Assembly or Academic Senate; tenure 2 semesters.

1 Children's Center member - regular staff member (excluding Director) elected by entire staff, by majority vote during August Orientation meeting; tenure 2 semesters.

Dean of Students or designee; designee tenure 4 semesters, renewable subject to recommendation of Dean of Students.

Non-Voting Member Positions:

ASI Children's Center Director

ASI Executive Director

Parent Involvement Group designee

Standing Committees

1. Budget Committee

2. Policies and Procedures Committee

3. Evaluations/Accreditation Committee

Charge of PAC

1. Advising Children's Center on program operation, including but not limited to pedagogy/educational philosophy, parent fee structure and operating policies/procedures.

2. Advising Children's Center on long range planning (i.e. expanding services, changes in services, staffing, etc.)

3. Advising Children's Center in selection of evaluation tools for parental evaluation tools for parental evaluation of program and staff. When necessary or required, if an evaluation is performed by an outside entity, the Parent Advisory Council will be involved as deemed appropriate by the outside agency. The PAC will select the outside agency.


Membership Responsibilities:

1. Yearly recommendation and support, as well as monthly review of budget and expenditures.

2. Exercise 2 nd level review authority as designated in the ASCSUS Parent handbook Hearing and Grievance Procedure.

3. Assist, as appropriate, with selection of Children's Center regular staff.

4. Monthly review of proposals for new or revised operating policies and procedures.

5. Members shall miss no more than three meetings in one academic year without good cause and notice. After the third absence, the members name shall be placed on the next scheduled meeting's agenda for possible termination. The member shall not participate in the vote.

6. Members shall elect a Chair at the first meeting of the Council. The Chair shall vote only in the case of a tie.

7. Operating procedures shall be established at the first meeting of the Council

8. Members shall advocate, in an advisory capacity, when appropriate, for local, state and national legislation that pertains to child care and development.

Director Responsibilities to PAC:

1. Furnish information relevant to the business of the meeting.

2. State probable consequences of actions being discussed.

3. Keep the PAC up-to-date on changes in methods, legislation and other relevant matters.

4. Point out conflicts between proposed policies and previously established policies, local, statewide or nationwide.

5. Provide minutes in a timely manner, and maintain agendas.

Parent Involvement Group Designee Responsibilities:

1. Report Center activities that correlate PAC business with educational other goals of the program.

ASI Executive Director Responsibilities:

1. Authority of the PAC is delegated y the ASI Board of Directors

2. Decisions approved by the PAC may be overridden by an affirmative vote of 2/3rds of the entire voting membership of the ASI Board of Directors.

3. An affirmative vote of 2/3rds of the entire voting membership of the ASI Board of Directors shall be required for Board adoption of amendments to this document.

Schedule and Location of Meetings

The PAC shall meet on the third Thursday of each month, September through May, at 4:00 p.m. in the Children's Center Conference Room.