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ABA Off the Clock with Don Nahhas

In this special edition of ABA Off the Clock, we feature Risk Management Administrative Support Coordinator Don Nahhas. Don's son passed away earlier this year. Despite this family tragedy, he and his wife sought to turn their heartbreak into something positive, by giving back to their local community in their son's memory.

From his own words, Don Nahhas, in this edition's ABA Off the Clock:

My wife, Dawn, and I started a nonprofit, Josh’s Heart, Inc., in memory of our son who died in August from liver failure due to alcoholism. Josh was only 32 years old. Josh was also homeless for several years and always had a heart for others on the street. He took care of them, shared his food, money and took care of those who were not able to take care of themselves. That was his heart, Josh's Heart. 

One of Josh's Heart, Inc. goals is to help others who are homeless/addicted through programs such as Blessing Backpacks, which are filled with grooming essentials: warm socks, hats, gloves, snacks and food gift cards. On November 18th and 19th, we distributed our first batch of Blessing Backpacks to homeless students at Hiram Johnson High School and the homeless in the Tahoe Park community. We owe tremendous thanks to the generous donations from the Hornet Family which allowed us to collect a majority of the items needed to fill the Blessing Backpacks.

We also provided boxed lunches, in partnership with Providence Church, on Thanksgiving morning to the homeless in the Tahoe park community.  

Josh’s Heart wants to help the homeless feel worthy and that they matter! So often we drive by a homeless person and think several different things, “if I give them money, all they will do is buy alcohol or drugs. Why don’t they get a job? They can get off the streets if they want to.” So many things go through our minds and I get it. I said the same thing about our son. Our son! 

He was addicted to alcohol and each time he was sober, it only took him one drink to get back into the habit again. Since Josh’s passing, I have had a revelation; that was my son out there begging for money and/or passed out, sleeping in the streets. I now look at the homeless as someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father, uncle or aunt, cousin, nephew or niece. Most importantly, I am reminded that they are, “God’s Child.” Each person has their own story as to why they are in that position. I doubt that any of them had a life goal to be homeless or an addict. Something in their life had gone wrong and they ended up that way.

You can find out more about Josh’s Heart, Inc. by visiting www.joshsheart.org

We would like to thank Don for offering up his courageous and heartwarming story. Don, his wife, and many volunteers continue to reach out to those in need in their communities, and their actions are being noticed. Recently, local CBS affiliate KOVR 13 news also covered their story, which can be found here.

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