Planning Sets the Stage for Success

Everyone understands the importance of planning, right? Without a plan, we may get by, but without sheer luck, our aspirations for the future will likely flounder. Without a destination in mind, and a roadmap to get there, we may arrive at an arbitrary endpoint. And the liklihood that we will travel together and arrive at the same place is slim unless we agree on where we want to go and share directions. more.


Alumni Month

ABA News

April is Alumni Month at Sacramento State! Join ABA in celebrating its division staff professionals who hold Sac State degrees. Log on to ABA’s website where we proudly recognize our alums for giving back as Sac State career employees - For a list of Sac State Alumni Month more


Book Review

The FOCUS staff would like to introduce our readers to the second in a series of our newsletter feature, the book review.

In this feature, ABA employees share their thoughts about a book they have recently read with themes that apply to the goals of ABA and/or the University.

"Call it instinct, insight, intuition or psychic ability, some people are particularly adept at more.

Mike Lee

Message from the Vice President

With another spring semester well underway, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of our staff over the past few months.

You will find throughout this newsletter articles describing the projects that our dedicated staff more.

green news

ABA Green News

In December, Sac State's sustainability team and Facilities Management welcomed guest speaker Joe Rasmussen, Ed. D.

Rasmussen's presentation, "Transitioning to Green: An Overview of Campus Sustainability in Higher Education," focused more.


Staff Spotlight

In each issue, the FOCUS Newsletter spotlights an ABA staff member whose work deserves mention. Recently, our spotlight explores ideas around "redefinition," asking how staff professionals have grown in their careers while working in more.


Awards & Recognition

awardsThe nomination process for the 2014 ABA Staff Peer awards began April 1 and runs through April 11.

This award program is special in that it provides ABA staff the ability to... read more.

Behind the Scenes:
RMS Collaboration Leads to New Educational Opportunities

STORC2ABA’s leadership for campus sustainability programs is not new. But a program that integrates academics with operations in a collaborative activity to provide educational opportunities for students is a new and remarkable example of that leadership.

The Sustainable Technology Outdoor Research Center, or STORC for short, was fairly inconspicuous to most until recently. These days, it is drawing broad interest for both its collective spirit and its innovative potential.

Located just off of State University Drive near parking lot 4 in an outdoor fenced area, the Risk Management Services (RMS) plot that once housed the Office of Water Programs' Storm Water Research project has now been more.


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