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1098-T Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: California State University, Sacramento does not assist in tax preparation, act as a tax consultant for individuals or entities, provide tax advice, and cannot answer your tax questions. Please consult a tax professional, the IRS, or a financial planner who is proficient with taxation with your tax questions. Each student and/or their parents must determine eligibility for, calculation of, and limitation on the tuition and fees deduction or the education credits (hope or lifetime learning credit). While the University has made every effort to use the most current and accurate data, tax laws change frequently, and it is possible that some of the information may no longer be accurate. The University disclaims all liability from the mistreatment of information and materials contained in this document. Information regarding immigration, employment, and tax substantial authority are the responsibility of each individual. Please keep in mind that no one from California State University, Sacramento, while in their official role at the university, can act as a tax consultant, give personal, legal, or tax advice, or represent an individual dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Thus, any assistance the above information may provide is given as a courtesy to you, and as such, should not be construed in any way as the rendering of legal or tax advice.

What is a 1098T?

A 1098T is an IRS form that colleges must provide any student who had qualified educational expenses in the preceding tax year (January — December). This form provides information about educational expenses that may qualify the student — or the student's parents — for the tuition-and-fees tax deduction or education-related tax credits.

What are “qualified educational expenses?"

Not all of the fees that you pay to Sacramento State are considered “qualified” by the IRS. The following line items are included on the 1098T: Tuition Fee, ASI Fee, IRA Fee, Newspaper Fee, and University Union Fee.

list of qualified expenses by amount

How can I get a 1098T?

  • If you are eligible to receive a 1098T, then we will provide one that will be available online through your MySacState Student Center no later than January 31st each year. In the Finances section, select View 1098T from the drop-down menu.
  • Your Saclink login is good for 2 years after you leave the university. Please click here to access your SacLink login
  • For information on why you may not have a 1098T, see below.

Can I get a copy of last year’s 1098T?

You can view all available 1098Ts from the same place in your MySacState Student Center.

What am I supposed to do with the 1098T?

You can use the information provided to determine if you are eligible for education tax credits. You are not required to attach IRS Form 1098T to your tax return. Please note that there is no IRS requirement that you claim a tuition-and-fees deduction or an education-related tax credit.

Can you tell me how to use the 1098T information when filing my taxes?

We cannot offer tax advice. If you have such questions, you should consult with a qualified tax professional or contact the IRS Taxpayer Assistance line at 1-800-829-1040. The IRS web site also has information here:

Will you send this information to the IRS?

Yes. We are required to inform the IRS to assist them in determining who may be eligible to claim the tuition-and-fees deduction or an education credit. But there is no IRS requirement that you claim a tuition-and-fees deduction or an education-related tax credit.

Why doesn’t Box 1 (payments received) match my receipts?

Not all fees are considered qualified expenses by the IRS. Box 1 only includes qualified expenses. Please see the list of qualified expenses for more info.

Why doesn’t Box 5 (scholarships and grants) match my records?

Box 5 does not include loans. Instead, it shows the amount of scholarships and grants received, and any waiver or amount paid by a third-party sponsor. Box 5 will reduce the amount of qualified expenses the student can use when calculating a deduction or credit.

Why don’t I have a 1098T?

  1. Financial Aid Recipients The most common reason you may not have a 1098T is because the amount of scholarships and grants that a student receives is more than the amount they were charged. There is nothing wrong with this, it just means that we are not reporting any qualified expenses to the IRS. You may have received a 1098T in prior years but, due to IRS instructions, we no longer provide one if the amount of scholarships and grants you receive in a calendar year is greater than the amount of qualified expenses you are charged in that year.
  2. Graduated (or stopped attending) After the Spring Term Another reason you may not have a 1098T, is if you graduated in the Spring term. You likely registered and were charged in December, so the information would be included on the prior year’s 1098T.
  3. Spring was Your First Semester at Sac State Your fee charges must coincide with at least one completed term of attendance in order to qualify for a 1098T.
  4. Enrollment and Grades You must have completed a term of at least 6 units with passing grades
  5. Fees are Paid by a Third-Party Source Because you did not pay for the qualified expenses yourself, then you would not be issued a 1098T.
  6. College of Continuing Education Programs not resulting in a degree do not qualify for a 1098T form. You may qualify for tax credit using your receipts. See the IRS Publication on Lifetime Learning Credit for more information. IRS Publication 970: Chapter 3 - Lifetime Learning Credit
  7. No Social Security Number provided If you did not provide a valid Social Security Number to the University at the time you applied for admission, then a 1098T would not automatically be issued. If you have a Social Security Number, you are required to provide one in order to receive a 1098T (Section 41201 of the Title V Code of California Regulations, and Section 6109 of the IRS Code).
    You may provide it to the Student Services Counter to update your records no later than February 15th. Then inform our office that you have done so in order to have a 1098T issued for the current tax year. Please note that we are not able to issue 1098Ts for prior years.
    If you DO NOT have a Social Security Number you may still request a 1098T, as long as you meet all of the other eligibility criteria.
  8. International (foreign) students If you are not a US resident for tax purposes, then you would not be issued a 1098T.

Why can't I open my 1098T?

  • May not open on a phone
  • Recommended browsers are Google Chrome or Internet Explorer
  • Must have Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed

What if I have more questions?

You may contact our office at 916-278-1000, option 3 or