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Current Tuition & Fees

Systemwide Tuition

All students enrolled at a CSU campus pay a per-semester systemwide tuition fee, in addition to campus mandatory fees. Non-resident students also pay a per-unit fee, and students enrolled in some graduate business programs have an additional per-unit fee. Please see below for a detailed breakdown.

[updated 04.15.2022]

Financial Deadlines

Please click the link below to access a PDF of the Fall 2022 financial deadlines and due dates.

2022-2023 Registration Fees

(per semester, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023)

Units 6 or less 6.1 or more
Tuition Fees $1,665.00 $2,871.00
Mandatory Campus Fees $871.00 $871.00
TOTAL $2,536.00 $3,742.00
Units 6 or less 6.1 or more
Tuition Fees $1,932.00 $3,330.00
Mandatory Campus Fees $871.00 $871.00
TOTAL $2,803.00 $4,201.00
Units 6 or less 6.1 or more
Tuition Fees $2,082.00 $3,588.00
Mandatory Campus Fees $871.00 $871.00
TOTAL $2,953.00 $4,459.00
Units 0-21
Tuition Fees $5,919.00
Mandatory Campus Fees $871.00
TOTAL $6,790.00
Units 0-21
Tuition Fees $7371.00
Mandatory Campus Fees $871.00
TOTAL $8,242.00
Units 0-21
Tuition Fees $8,598.00
Mandatory Campus Fees $871.00
TOTAL $9,469.00

Mandatory Campus Fees (per semester)

Please visit the link below for a description of each mandatory campus fee as well as a table of current and/or upcoming per-semester fees.

Non-resident Tuition & Graduate Professional Business Fees

  • Non-Resident Tuition Fee: $396.00 per unit plus the tuition fees above and mandatory campus fees.
  • Graduate Professional Business Fee: $270.00 per unit plus tuition fees, mandatory campus fees listed above and non-resident tuition (if applicable).

Additional Fees Charged to Student Account

  • Online Safety Training Fee As part of joining the Sacramento State community, ALL incoming students are required to complete an online sexual violence prevention training. Undergraduate students are also required to complete training in alcohol abuse prevention. To complete the required tutorials, use your SacLink account information to log on to You will be charged a one-time fee ($10.00 for undergraduates; $5.00 for graduate and CCE students), which is part of the regular tuition fee process to cover the cost of the tutorials. For more information please visit Student Health and Counseling.
  • Student Representation Fee (SRF) This $2 contribution ensures that CSU students have a say on tuition, financial aid, student services, course availability, and academic advising. Elected student leaders oversee involvement and representation dollars through the California State Student Association (CSSA). CSSA is the official student voice at the university system, state, and federal level. In addition to supporting student representation, this contribution increases opportunities for students to acquire relevant career skills, apply for scholarships, participate in internships, and advocate on issues that are important to students.
Each CSU student will have the ability to elect not to pay the fee for financial, political, or personal considerations each time it is assessed. To opt out, go to the Account Inquiry link from the Student Center page, under the Finances Section. From the Activity page you will see a list of all fees, and this $2 fee will have an opt out feature. You will have the ability to opt out each semester through census date – one month into the term. If you do not opt out, and the fee remains unpaid as of census date, then the fee will be waived.

Registration Fees & Financial Deadlines Archive

Access registration fees and financial deadline documents from recent years below.

Registration Fees (per school year) Financial Due Dates and Deadlines (per semester)
2021-2022 Fall 2021 Spring 2022
2020-2021 Fall 2020 Spring 2021