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California State University, Sacramento

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Program Based Orientation

New Student Orientation

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Program Based & Spanish Orientation


Honors Orientation

First-year students admitted into the Sacramento State Honors program are encouraged to attend Orientation on Monday July 8th (session C). During this session students will meet with the director of the Honors program, obtain information regarding General Education and major course requirements, lunch, a tour of campus and will register for fall courses. Sign up for this orientation designed specifically for Honors student by phone (916) 278-7841 or via email at

Scholar-Athlete Orientation

All scholarship and/or recruited student-athletes are required to participate in University Orientation Programs. Student-athletes must attend Orientation as undeclared majors and choose from June 28th, July 1st or July 10th (session A, or D). Student-athletes and their parents/guardians will attend a 90-minute presentation specific to athletes' academic needs. Student-athletes should also contact their athletic coaches regarding additional summer academic/life skills programs scheduled for August. Note: This University Orientation requirement applies to recruited and/or scholarship athletes participating in NCAA-sponsored Intercollegiate Athletic Department sports.

EOP Orientation (First Year Only)

All incoming EOP first year (freshmen) students must attend a two-day Orientation session on July 8th & 9th.

EOP First Year Orientation is designed to help new EOP students get off to the right start by learning about academic requirements, learning more about EOP and learning about campus programs and services. Students cannot register for classes unless they attend Orientation.

EOP Orientation (Transfer Only)

Transfer students admitted into the EOP program must attend EOP Orientation on Monday June 10th from 7:45am - 4:30pm. During this session, students will meet with General Education and major advisors, tour campus and meet with EOP advisors. To register, email or call 916-278-7841.

Students who are unable to attend this session will need to register for one of the Transfer Orientation sessions between June 11 - June 25.

Veterans Orientation (Transfer Only)

At Sacramento State, we pride ourselves in showing you the same dedication that you have shown our country during your years of service. It is our goal to help you transition into university life so you may be able to enjoy all Sac State has to offer. Since New Student Orientation is required for all incoming students, we have developed a unique student Veterans Orientation Program to help ease your transition.

Veterans Orientation will take place on Monday, June 10th, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm. During this session, we will provide structured advising sessions that will introduce you to Sac State General Education and Major course requirements. In addition, we will provide a campus tour, assist you with course registration, and help you become familiar with campus resources and services.

During Orientation, the Veterans Success Center staff will provide information on Sac State veterans programs and assist you in completing your VA benefits.

Veterans, Reserve, National Guard and Active Duty Military personnel are invited to attend.

New Student Orientation will begin to take reservations for Veterans Orientation on April 1, 2019. We look forward to seeing you on June 10th.

Spanish Orientation (Programna en Español Para Padres e Invitados) (First Year Only)

En este día, nuestro programa para padres e invitados será conducido en español y tendrá la oportunidad de aprender sobre los requisitos académicos y los programas universitarios que guiaran a su estudiante durante su carrera universitaria. Los estudiantes y sus padres también tendrán la oportunidad de hablar con representantes de las oficinas de Ayuda Financiera, Admisiones, y los distintos clubs y organizaciones.

Los estudiantes que planean traer un padre o invitado para nuestro programa en español, deben registrarse y asistir la orientación para nuevos estudiantes el 8 y 9 de julio. Durante porciones del día, los padres, invitados, y estudiantes asistirán sesiones separados. La orientación para los estudiantes será proveída solamente en inglés.

Estudiantes podrán atender la orientación en este día independientemente de la carrera universitaria que planean completar, pero un padre o invitado que hable español puede acompañar al estudiante. Los estudiantes que no traigan a un invitado registrado que hable español para el 8 de julio serán requeridos a registrarse para otra fecha de orientación. El programa para los padres e invitados es por solo un día y concluirá el 8 de julio.

Es importante que se registre antes de asistir la orientación con el estudiante. El costo por padre e invitado es de $57. Para registrarse por favor comuníquese con la oficina de orientación al 916-278-7841.

*Padres e invitados son bienvenidos en asistir algunas de las otras fechas de orientación que ofrecemos, pero solamente algunas porciones de aquellas sesiones serán ofrecidas en español.