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Center for California Studies

Meet Us

The Center for California Studies is headquartered off the main campus at the Sacramento State's Downtown Center, 304 S Street, Sacramento CA 95811. 

Center for California Studies Staff

Leonor Ehling

Executive Director

Photo of Leonor Ehling

Brian Aguilar

Assistant Executive Director and Director of the Executive Fellows Programs

Photo of Brian Aguilar

Ambar Carlisle

Director of the Assembly Fellows Programs

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Megan Thorall

Director of the Judicial Fellowship Program

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Jamie Taylor

Director of the California Senate Fellows Program

Photo of Jamie Taylor

Rotce Hernandez

Director of The LegiSchool Project

Photo of Rotce Hernandez

Sandra Bernard

Office Manager

Photo of Sandra  Bernard

Outreach and Special Projects Coordinator

Photo of Nadia Navarro Brown

Mal Almeida

Judicial Fellowship Coordinator

Photo of Mal Almeida

Mariana Diaz

Assembly Fellowship and The LegiSchool Project Coordinator

Photo of Mariana Diaz

Jenna Westbrook-Kline

Executive Fellowship Coordinator

Photo of Jenna Westbrook-Kline
Total Members: 11