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Shattuck Endowment Department of History

About Shattuck Endowment

Shattuck Endowment's Goals

The Shattuck Endowment is a partnership between the College of Arts and Letters at Sacramento State University, Sacramento, the Department of History, and the Shattuck family.

Started in September 2016 with a gift from Elizabeth H. Shattuck, the Shattuck Endowment is a foundation for the promotion of colonial American studies at Sac State. The goals of the endowment are threefold:

  • Developing undergraduate and graduate opportunities in the area of colonial America History.
  • Cultivating an intellectual environment for discourse and scholarship among professional historians, and graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Creating activities and events for graduate and undergraduate students attending Sacramento State.

History of the Endowment

The Shattuck Endowment honors the memory and legacy of Professor Peter H. Shattuck. Dr. Shattuck had a long and distinguished career in the History Department at Sacramento State.

In recognition of his passionate advocacy of student-centered learning, the Faculty Senate presented him with the Outstanding Teaching Award in 1994. He was renowned for convincing his students that to understand the present, one needed to understand the past.

As student-centered learning represented a central aspect of his life and career, the Shattuck Endowment is committed to the development and enhancement of colonial studies at Sac State.

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Shattuck Endowment
Tahoe Hall, Room 3080
Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.