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Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering & Computer Science

Meet Us

Department Staff

Troy Topping

Professor and Department Chair

Photo of Troy Topping

Kenneth Sprott

Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Photo of Kenneth Sprott

Bonnie Lindgren

Administrative Support Assistant II

Photo of Bonnie Lindgren

Mike Newton

Equipment Tech III

Photo of Mike Newton

Jeffrey Ortiz

Instructional Support Technician II

Photo of Jeffrey Ortiz

Brianna Scruggs

Administrative Support Coordinator II

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Full-Time Faculty

Mahmoud Dinar

Assistant Professor

Photo of Mahmoud Dinar

Estelle Eke


Photo of Estelle Eke

Jose Granda


Photo of Jose Granda

Susan Holl

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Susan Holl

Patrick Homen


Photo of Patrick Homen

Akihiko Kumagai


Photo of Akihiko Kumagai

Timothy Marbach


Photo of Timothy Marbach

Alan Meier

Assistant Professor

Photo of Alan Meier

Marcus Romani


Photo of Marcus Romani

Yong Suh


Photo of Yong Suh

Hong-Yue (Ray) Tang

Assistant Professor

Photo of Hong-Yue (Ray) Tang

Ilhan Tuzcu


Photo of Ilhan Tuzcu

Rustin Vogt

Associate Professor

Photo of Rustin Vogt

Farshid Zabihian

Assistant Professor

Photo of Farshid Zabihian

Dongmei Zhou


Photo of Dongmei Zhou

Part-Time Faculty

Total Members: 21