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College of Engineering & Computer Science California State University, Sacramento

ECS Dean's Office


Dr. Kevan Shafizadeh, P.E., T.E., PTP, PTOE


Photo of Dr. Kevan Shafizadeh, P.E., T.E., PTP, PTOE

Dr. Behnam Arad

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Photo of Dr. Behnam Arad

Dr. Mariappan Jawaharlal

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Photo of Dr. Mariappan Jawaharlal

Petronilla Nyamayaro-Emiru

Budget/Resource Analyst

Photo of Petronilla Nyamayaro-Emiru

Suzy Abshire

Resource Analyst

Photo of Suzy Abshire

Thomas Whitcher

Director of Development

Photo of Thomas Whitcher

Jason Van Zant

Administrative Support to the Associate Deans

Photo of Jason Van Zant

Breanna Hillman

Executive Assistant to the Dean/Communication Specialist

Photo of Breanna Hillman
Total Members: 8