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The Interdisciplinary Studies Program recognizes that some subject matter is more thoroughly explored by drawing on various perspectives and methodologies from more than one discipline.

Under faculty supervision, students engage learning opportunities that encourage combining a range of information and experiences into a challenging individualized learning project. The office administering, guiding, reviewing, and monitoring the interdisciplinary efforts, when they cross College or Divisional lines, is that of the Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies.

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Minor in Military Studies

The Military Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor of 21 units which provides a broad range perspective on a vital contemporary issue. The program focuses on the nature of human conflict, conflict resolution, international power relations, historical battles and campaigns, the military in domestic society, and myriad sub-topics. It enhances student exposure to, and understanding of, relevant military subjects. The Military Studies Minor is compatible with, and complements, several majors, i.e., Economics, Geography, Political Science, and History.

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