California State University, Sacramento

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The Renaissance Society

Meet Us

Board Executive Committee

Ken Cross

President. Membership, Diversity and Community Engagement.

Photo of Ken Cross

Barbara Davis-Lyman

Vice President.

Photo of Barbara Davis-Lyman

Bob Benedetti

Secretary. Rules.

Photo of Bob Benedetti

Norv Wellsfry

Controller. Finance and Administration.

Photo of Norv Wellsfry

David Abelson

Past President.

Photo of David Abelson


Christie Braziel

Photo of Christie Braziel

Susan George


Photo of Susan George

Karen Martin

Photo of Karen Martin

Deborah Seiler

Communications and Marketing

Photo of Deborah Seiler

Chuck Wiseley

Photo of Chuck Wiseley

MAL Vacancy

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Committee Chairs

Tom Suchanek


Photo of Tom Suchanek

Evelyn Boggs


Photo of Evelyn Boggs

Jennifer Cummings

Newsletter: The Recorder Editor

Photo of Jennifer Cummings

Cheryl Huffman

Newsletter: The Recorder Editor

Photo of Cheryl Huffman

Lorraine Murphy

Newsletter: The Recorder Editor

Photo of Lorraine Murphy

Allan Keown


Photo of Allan Keown

Cindy Suchanek


Photo of Cindy Suchanek

Nancy Findeisen

Resource Development

Photo of Nancy Findeisen

Chris Budwine


Photo of Chris Budwine

Jeff Hendy


Photo of Jeff Hendy

Jennifer Kerr

Website: Webmaster

Photo of Jennifer Kerr

Dr. Dianne Hyson

CSUS Representative: (non-voting). Dean, College of SSIS

Photo of Dr. Dianne Hyson

Chair Vacancy

Long-Range Planning

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Chair Vacancy

University Services

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Shari Lowen

Office Manager

Photo of Shari Lowen

Lorene Sarne

Senior Clerk

Photo of Lorene Sarne
Total Members: 27