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Department of Women’s & Gender Studies College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Concerning COVID-19

Due to COVID 19 restrictions the Department of Women’s Studies will be operating remotely. Please contact the office at (916) 278-6817 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., and by email.

Email Women’s Studies

The department chair Dr. Sujatha Moni can be reached at She is available via Zoom on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12 noon to 2 p.m. and by appointment. Please email her to set up a meeting.

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For Advising & Retention, visit the EAB student support site and select your advisor to schedule an appointment.

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About Women’s & Gender Studies

Program Description

Women’s and Gender Studies is a dynamic interdisciplinary field preparing students to be future leaders, scholars, and social justice activists. We are dedicated to studying the social production of gender and women’s experiences in relation to formations of sexuality, race, class, nationality, ability, ageism, and other categories of difference. The department emphasizes the importance of connecting what students learn in the classroom to political projects and personal experiences.

Our curriculum empowers students to be agents of change in their communities and society. It provides them tools to examine relations of gender in local, national, and global contexts. “Putting Theory into Practice” since 1971, we place a strong emphasis on community involvement and activism, and we offer many opportunities for internships and service work credit.

The B.S. in Women’s and Gender Studies prepares students for careers in teaching, counseling, health, human services, law, and public service.

Minimum total units required for the BS: 120; 40 units should be upper division.

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Fall 2021 Faculty

Name WOMS Course(s) Contact
Sujatha Moni, Department Chair 121
Tristan Josephson 50, 150
Cara Jones 133
Rita Cameron Wedding 137
Joanna Nuñez 110, 139 
Elizabeth Mukiibi 136, 138
Vicki Hall 120, 145 
Ligaya Hattari 85

Career Options

  • Education: University Professors, University Staff, K-12 teachers, curriculum specialists, Department of Education
  • Paid Organizer: Labor Unions and organizations such as the Feminist Majority or the National Organization of Women
  • Writer/ Researcher on women’s issues
  • Non-profit agencies with an emphasis on social issues
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Medicine/Women’s Health
  • Consultant on Women’s Issues: Political campaigns and legislative aides.
  • International Development: Non-governmental organizations
  • Career Development: Career Development consultant and trainer, job developer.

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Department of Women’s & Gender Studies
Amador Hall, Room 561
Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m – 4:30 p.m.

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Phone: (916) 278-6817

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