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The Unlearning and Relearning Process

When people say they’re engaging in the process of “unlearning and relearning,” they are questioning the knowledge and beliefs they have had and examining how those beliefs have been influenced by societal norms and biases. They are making space for new modes of thinking and information that would have previously met resistance within them.


Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes, beliefs, etc., and it happens continuously from the moment we are born and throughout our entire lives.

Unlearning has less to do with forfeiting and/or losing old knowledge and more to do with adapting what has been learned through updating our previously held skills, attitudes, beliefs, etc. when new information and contexts have added to or reshaped what was known or perceived before.

Relearning is not simply the act of learning something again. While it is useful to remind ourselves of what we learned in the past, relearning focuses on how we intentionally approach understanding concepts more deeply by incorporating varying perspectives (cultural, multicultural, and intercultural lenses) across a diverse range of viewpoints. In this way, we may see our previously held knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes, beliefs, etc. in a different and often more expanded way.

The IE Approach

Inclusive Excellence Learning (IEL) designs learning activities made to expand diversity competency at Sacramento State. We work with strategic campus and community partners provide IEL content.

Our tools and activities aim to build an understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism. We provide the Hornet community with the skill set needed to create an inclusive campus, where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Our model for consultation and partnership is grounded by a 3-pillar approach that ensures support and resources are customized to meet the needs of campus groups.

  1. Culturally Grounded
  2. Data-informed
  3. Human-centered

IE Learning Pathway

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