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Office for Disability Justice Division of Inclusive Excellence

About Office of Disability Justice

About Our Office

The Office for Disability Justice (ODJ) provides education and guidance on disability-related issues. We work to actively address ableism at its roots, to bring change at the systemic level and create a more inclusive, welcoming campus culture and community for Sac State’s students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Disability justice is a form of social justice, which addresses the idea that ableism, like racism and sexism and other ‘isms’, is systemic in nature. With thoughtful and intentional design, inclusion can be arranged from the beginning, lessening the need for retro-fitting needed access through accommodations.

Meet the Director for Universal Access & Inclusion

Jennifer Murchison started at Sac State in August 2022, after working in disabled student services for over 20 years at the University of Memphis and University of Mississippi. A staunch advocate for disability justice and advocacy, Jennifer is a champion for amplifying and showcasing others’ disabled experiences to highlight the importance of recognizing disability as an essential element of diversity.

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