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Alumni Association Experience Sac State

Meet Us


Jennifer Barber

Assistant Vice President, Sacramento State Alumni Association

Photo of Jennifer Barber


Renee Siden

Senior Alumni Relations Officer

Photo of Renee Siden

Laura Breedlove McDaniel

Alumni Chapters and Networks Officer

Photo of Laura Breedlove McDaniel

Longji Longjel

Membership Services Analyst

Photo of Longji Longjel

Erin Mahoney

Student and Recent Grad Engagement Officer

Photo of Erin Mahoney
  • Location: Harper Alumni Center
  • Phone: (916) 278-4354
  • Pronouns: (they/them)

Maikalina Nevills

Lead Alumni Communications and Outreach Officer

Photo of Maikalina Nevills

Dino Piazza

Facility Coordinator, Leslie & Anita Harper Alumni Center

Photo of Dino Piazza

Nicole Tanimoto

Alumni Events Specialist

Photo of Nicole Tanimoto
  • Location: Harper Alumni Center
  • Phone: (916) 278-2565
  • Pronouns: (she/her/hers)

Heng Wong

Accounting and Business Officer

Photo of Heng Wong
Total Members: 9