Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Dr. Dian Baker

Title: Professor

Office Location: Folsom Hall Room 2029

Email: dibaker@csus.edu

Office Phone: (916) 278-7243

Mailing Address: Sacramento State - School of Nursing 6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819-6096

Professional Degrees

  • Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Davis,
  • Ph.D., Nursing, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • M.S.N., California State University, Sacramento
  • M.A., Childhood Development, California State University, Sacramento
  • B.S.N., California State University, Chico

Certifications and Credentials

  • Credential for School Nursing Services, California State University, Sacramento
  • Pediatric Nurse Associate/Practitioner certification program. University of California, Davis, extension
  • Public Health Nurse Certification
  • School Audiometrist
  • Public health disaster response and preparedness certification
  • Multi-hazard response training of trainers certification

Courses & Role

  • College of Continuing Education Coordinator for the Paramedic Program 
  • NURS 209: Advanced Role Development in Nursing
  • NURS 210: Research as a Foundation for Advanced Nursing Practice
  • NURS 214: Education Program Development
  • NURS 294: Practicum in Educational Program Development in Nursing
  • NURS 215: Community Health and Health Policy
  • NURS 213: Seminar in Organizational and Systems Leadership
  • NURS 293: Practicum in Organizational and Systems Leadership
  • NURS 500: Thesis Proposal and Development
  • NURS 170: Foundations for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
  • NURS 171: Transitional Concepts: The Baccalaureate Nurse
  • NURS 174: Community Health Nursing: Concepts and Practice
  • NURS 170: Foundations for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
  • NURS 179: Professional Communication and Reasoning Development

International Teaching Experience

  • Visiting professor. Japan Schools of Nursing.
  • Kochi Prefectural University. Hyogo Prefectural University, and Women’s University in Tokyo. Consultant Japan National School Nurse Education Program.
  • Volunteer Visiting Professor. University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Taught graduate level education, health promotion and community health courses for the first master’s in nursing program in Vietnam. Face to face and online courses.
  • Volunteer consultant and teacher. American Samoa. Health, chronic conditions, education and disabilities.

Research Interests

  • Quality Improvement and Health Policy
  • Hospital-acquired Infections
  • Persons with Development Disabilities
  • Community-Academic Partnership Research
  • International Nursing Education
  • School Health and School Nursing
  • Asian and Pacific Islander American Health

Professional Activities

  • Volunteer Clinical Faculty, Pediatrics, University of California, Davis Medical Center
  • Consultant, Sutter Health System Hospital-acquired Pneumonia
  • Consultant, Veterans Health Systems, Non-ventilator Hospital-acquired Pneumonia Prevention
  • Consultant, Orlando Medical Center, Hospital-acquired Pneumonia
  • Member, Sacramento Rescue and Restore Human Trafficking Coalition
  • Member, U.S. Attorney General's Hate Crime Task Force for Northern California


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  • Baker, D., Anderson, L., & Johnson, J. (2017). Building student and family-centered care coordination through ongoing delivery system design: How school nurses can implement care coordination. NASN School Nurse, 31(6),42-49. Podcast included with publication. 
  • Baker, D. (2016). Developmental disabilities and human equity in Japan’s schools. Japanese Journal of School Health.

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Community Reports

  • 2014. Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health. Issue Briefs: (1)  Children with special health care needs: Lost at school? (2) Children with special health care needs: Who is caring for them at school? (3)  Children with special health care needs: Underfunding leaves children without services
  • 2013. Baker, D., & Jennings, M.  Regional Assessment Survey on Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking in Sacramento. (Community report available from Sacramento Employment and Training Agency, Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA.)


  • College of Health and Human Services Dean’s grant. Interventions to Improve Acute Care Outcomes for Persons with Intellectual and Other Disabilities. (Academic-service partnership). Co-investigator.

  • College of Health and Human Services Dean’s grant. Technology and application design to enhance healthcare leadership. (Academic-service partnership). Co-investigator.

  • College of Health and Human Services Dean’s research grant. E-leadership in the 21st Century. Partnership with Kaiser Permanente (academic-service partnership). Co-investigator.

  • Care Coordination and the Health Care Home Curriculum Development. American Academy of Pediatrics. Principal Investigator.
  • National Institutes of Health, Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities, R-24 grant. Principal Investigator. Improving Hmong Health through Community Based Participatory Research.
  • Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, UC Davis MIND Institute. Principal Investigator. Project to support research and teaching for Intellectual and other Developmental Disabilities.
  • Dean’s Leadership Circle College of Health and Human Services. Principal Investigator. Diabetes among the Hmong Community.
  • Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s  Health. Principal Investigator. Schools’ Role in Systems of Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs.
  • Investigation of the Effectiveness of Oral Care for Prevention of Pneumonia. Co-Investigator


  • Team member and researcher with Sutter Health for the C. Duane Dauner Quality Award from the California Healthcare Quality Institute. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in the area of patient safety, quality improvement and experience. 2015. Pathfinder Award for service with the Hmong Community
  • Quality and Safety Research and Program Award for Non-ventilator Association Hospital-acquired Pneumonia Improvement Project.  Sutter Health Systems
  • Outstanding Faculty Award for Scholarly and Creative Activities, California State University, Sacramento
  • Book of the Year Award. Authored chapter on School Violence. School of Nursing: A Comprehensive Text, 2ndEdition
  • Outstanding Faculty Award for Community Service, California State University, Sacramento
  • National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Associates Foundation scholar award
  • Pathfinder Award for service with the Hmong Community