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Name: Johannes Bauer

Title: Assistant Professor

Office Location: Sequoia Hall 524

Email: j.bauer@csus.edu

Office Phone: 916.278.4635

Mailing Address: 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819

Office Hours: please contact me


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brown University, Providence, RI

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT

Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.), Biochemistry, Free University Berlin, Germany




Lectures and Lab courses


Chem 161: General Biochemistry

Chem 162: General Biochemistry Lab 

Chem 251: Biochemistry of Aging

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Research Courses

Chem 189

Chem 198/198H








Research Projects/Interests

My primary research interest is to understand the molecular basis of the aging process, especially with respect to the biochemistry of metabolism and behavior. We use the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as our preferred animal model. Drosophila has been used for more than 100 years in research and thus represents the oldest animal model of the modern research era. Work in fruit flies was instrumental in elucidating the principles of modern genetics and developmental biology. 

Interestingly, evidence suggests that social behaviors, such as sociability, may be able to influence aging and longevity. Therefore, it may be possible to directly intervene in signaling pathways that modulate social behaviors and thus alter animal life span. In Drosophila, parameters for mating, such as attractiveness or receptivity, are communicated between flies through cuticular hydrocarbons (CH). These CH also function in other contexts, such as social recognition and group behavior. CH pheromones are produced by specialized cells called oenocytes and displayed on the cuticle of the animal in a sex specific manner. During courting, fighting, or other encounters, flies exchange CH, thus communicating important social information. 

Our results show that altering fly social environment is sufficient to change fruit fly longevity. In addition, our data further demonstrate that oenocyte-specific reduction of pheromone biosynthetic activity is sufficient to dramatically alter fly pheromone abundance and longevity. These data suggest that social environment is a contributing factor in the determination of aging and longevity. They also hint at possible molecular mechanisms for those effects through the modulation of pheromone biosynthesis.

We are currently investigating this connection between social environment and longevity, using a variety of experimental approaches, from biochemistry and molecular biology to behaviral biology and genetics.




Research Opportunities

If you are interested in working in Drosophila aging research, please email me or stop by the lab. We are always looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate researchers.




Peer-reviewed Publications

Journal Articles

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§ indicates undergraduate student authors

* indicates shared 1st authorship



Book Chapters

Bauer JH, Helfand SL. The Genetics of Dietary Modulation of Lifespan.

Life History Evolution: The Genetics and Physiology of Life History Traits and Trade-Offs (Oxford University Press). (2011)

Helfand SL, Bauer JH, Wood JG. Calorie Restriction in Lower Organisms.

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