Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Pattaratorn Chirapravati

Title: Professor, Asian Art History and Curatorial Studies; Program Vice Director of Asian Studies

Office Location: Kadema Hall 194

Email: pchirapravati@csus.edu

Office Phone: (916) 278-3880

Mailing Address: Sacramento State University 6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819-6061

Office Hours: Kadema 194, Wednesdays 11-12.30

Office Hours: Benicia 1004, Fridays 11-12.30 and by appointment

Asian Studies Office : Benicia Hall 1004

Asian Studies Phone : (916) 278-7373

Courses that I Teach

  • Art 3A: Traditional Asian Art
  • Art 3B: Modern and Contemporary Asian Art
  • ART 113B: Asian Art and Mythology
  • Art 115: Seminar in Asian Art (Fall 2013, The Art of Tea)
  • Art 117A: Art of India and Southeast Asia
  • Art 117B: Art of China And Japan
  • Art 117C: Art of Korea
  • ART 192B: Senior Seminar in Art History
  • ART 193: Art Gallery Management
  • ASIA 198: Asia in the World Today


Fall 2015

  • Art115: Seminar in Asian Art (Refashioning Identity: The Politics of Dress in Early Modern Asia) (M, 3-5.50)
  • Art3A: Traditional Asian Art (M,W,F: 10-10.50)


  • Ph.D. Cornell University (Southeast Asian Art History and Southeast Asian Studies), 1994.
  • M.A. Cornell University (Southeast Asian Art HIstory), 1991.
  • M.A. Ohio State University (Indian Art History), 1984.
  • B.A. Silpakorn University, First Class Honor (Asian Art History), 1981.

Selected Publications


  • Divination au royaume de Siam: Le corps, la guerre, le destin (Presses universitaries de France, 2011).
  • Votive Tablets in Thailand: Origin, Styles, and Uses (Oxford University Press, 1997).


  • “The Transformation of Brahmanical and Buddhist Imagery in Central Thailand, 600-800,“ Lost Kingdoms:Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia, ed. John Guy. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Yale University Press, 2014)
  • “Inundations: Images of Disaster in Southeast Asian Art,” Imagining Disaster, ed. Jacob Birken, The Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context, Heidelberg University Press (Regensburg: Schnell & Steiner (2013).
  • “Funeral Scenes in the Ramayana Mural Painting at the Emerald Buddha Temple,” Recent studies in Southeast Asian archaeology, ed. Marijke Klokke, Amsterdam University Press (2013).
  • “A propos d’un manuscrit siamois du XIX siècle conserve en Suisse et récemment traduit en française, Bulletin B-Annuel De L’Association Thaïlandaise Des Professeurs de Français, No 124, Année 35 (juillet-décembre 2012),  Nicolas Revire et M.L. Pattaratorn Chirapravati: 20-37
  • “In Search of Maitreya: Early Images of Dvaravati Buddha at Si Thep,”Buddhist Narrative, ed. Peter Skilling and Justin McDaniel (2012).
  • “Cloth and Corps: Illustrations of the Pansukula Ceremony in Thai Manuscripts,” Buddhist Funeral Cultures of Southeast Asia and China, eds. Paul Williams and Patrice Ludwig, University of Cambridge (2012).
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  • From Text to Image: Copying as Buddhist Practice in Late Fourteenth-Century Sukhothai,” Buddhist Manuscript Cultures, ed. Steve Berkwitz, Juliane Schober, and Claudia Brown, Routledge (2009).
  • “Buddhism and Thai Art,” in online Journal Buddhism Compass, April 2009.
  • “Illustrating the Lives of the Bodhisattva: Art of Wat Si Chum,” Past Lives of the Buddha: Wat Si Chum-Art, Architecture and Inscriptions, ed. Peter Skilling. (River Books, 2007).
  • “Original or Recycled? Jataka Reliefs at Wat Si Chum,” Buddhist Legacy in Mainland Southeast Asia. (The Sirindhorn Anthropology Center and Ecole Franaise dÕExtreme-Orient, 2006).
  • “Wat Ratchaburana: Deposits of History, Art, and Culture of the Early Ayutthaya period” in Kingdom of Siam: Art from Central Thailand: 1350-1800 CE, exhibition catalog,. (Snoeck Publishers, Buppha Press, Art Media Resources, Inc., and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 2005).
  • “Sukhothai” and “Ayutthaya,” articles for Encyclopedia of Buddhism, edited by Robert Buswell (Thompson and Gale, 2004).
  • “Important Extant Temples and Sculptures in Thailand and Burma,” article in Encyclopedia of Monasticism. (Fitzroy, Dearborn, Michigan, 2000).
  • “Development of Buddhist Traditions in Peninsular Thailand: Study Based on Votive Tablets (Eighth to Thirteenth Centuries),” in Festschrift in honor of the seventieth birthday of Stanley O'Connor, ed. Nora Taylor. (Southeast Asia Program Publication, Cornell University, 2000).
  • “Votive Tablets and Amulets from Thailand,” Art From Thailand, special issue of Marg Magazine, ed. Robert L. Brown (1999).

Curatorial Projects

  • Co-curator, The Kingdom of Siam: The Arts of Central Thailand, 1350-1800 (The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 2005 and the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, 2005).
  • Co-curator, Emerald Cities: Arts of Siam and Burma 1775-1950 (The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 2009).
  • Art Consultant and Catalogue contributor, The Lost Kingdoms of Early Southeast Asia: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture, 6th to 10th centuries (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Southeast Asian Department, 2011-2014).
  • The Spirit of Contemporary Asian Art (The University Library Gallery, 2003).
  • The Tradition Continues: Art from Thailand (The Witt Gallery, CSUS, 2005).
  • Transcendent Landscape by Shimo (The University Library Gallery Annex, CSUS, 2006).
  • The House of Spirits: Works of Emeritus Professor Leroy Keevaljian (The Witt Gallery, CSUS, 2007).
  • The Cycle of Life: Innocence (The Pence Gallery (Davis), 2007).
  • The Cycle of Life: Wisdom (The University Library Gallery Annex, CSUS, 2007).
  • The Cycle of Life: Awakening (The Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2008).
  • The Last Wedding, Part 1: In Progress, Art Installation by Marianne Ryan, (Robert Else Gallery, CSUS, 2010).
  • Merit Making For the Southeast Asian New Year: Offering of the Sand Stupas, (Robert Else Gallery, CSUS, 2012).

Divination au royaume de Siam

Divination au royaume de Siam: Le corps, la guerre, le destin (The Thai Bodmer Divination Manuscript: War, Wealth and Destiny)

Cover of

Votive Tablets in Thailand: Origin, Styles and Uses

Stupas at Bangkok Grand Palace

Making Merit for the Southeast Asian New Year: Offering of Sand Stupas
See the installation video created by Professor Jeffrey Dym: Asian Studies students and Professor Pat Chirapravati create sand stupas in the Else Gallery, April 2012.