Gingko Tree

Gingko biloba

Family: Gingkoaceae (Gingkos)

The Gingko Tree (sometimes called the Maidenhair Tree) is native to China and is the only surviving member of an ancient lineage of trees.

Ginkgo Tree

Ginkgo trees on the north side of Sequoia Hall (between Sequoia and the greenhouses)

Ginkgo Trees near Humboldt Hall

Gingko Tree leaves

There are quite a number of these around campus, easily recognizable by their distinctive leaves, and sometimes, by their distinctive smell!

Gingko MaleGingko Female

There are separate sexes, i.e., a tree is either a male tree or a female tree, not both.  In the photos above, the tree on the left is male whlite the tree on the right is female. In some places, female trees are disliked or even banned because of the very pungent smell of the rotting fruit -- it smells a lot like vomit!  There are several female mature female Ginkgo Trees on the east side of Humboldt Hall that can be quite a nosefull!