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Contact Information

Name: Rafael E Diaz Escamilla

Title: Associate Professor

Office Location: Brighton Hall 127

Email: rdiaz@csus.edu

Office Phone: 916.278.6588

Mailing Address: 6000 J Street Sacramento California 95819-6051

Office Hours: M, W: 9-10 AM & W, F: Noon - 1 PM

Courses That I Teach This Semester

  • Stat 1: Introductory Statistics

  • Math 100: Applied Linear Algebra


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Selected Publications

1. Diaz, R., Comparison of PQL and Laplace 6 estimates of hierarchical linear models when comparing groups of small incident rates in cluster-randomized trials. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 51 (6) (2007), pp. 2871–2888.

2. Wirojanan, J., Jaquemont, S., Diaz, R., et al, The Efficiency of Melatonin for Sleep Problems in Children with Autism and Fragile X Syndrome. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 5 (2) (2009), pp. 145-150.

3. Baker, D. L., Dang, M.T., Ying Ly, M., Diaz, R., et al, Perceptions of Barriers to Immunizations among Parents of Hmong Origin in California, American Journal of Public Health, 100 (5) (2010), pp. 839-845.

4. Baker, D. L., Melnikow, J. Ying Ly, M., Shoultz, J., Niederhauser, V., Diaz-Escamilla, R., Translation of Health Survey using Mixed Methods, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 42 (4) (2010), pp. 430-438.

5. Parks, S., Diaz, R., Molinaro, M., Did I trap the Median?, Statistics Education Web (STEW), n. d., n. pag. Available at http://www.amstat.org/education/stew/pdfs/DidITrapTheMedian.pdf. (First Prize National Competition for Best Statistics Education Web/Census at School Lesson Rules and Guidance, December 2013).

6. Guzman A., Diaz, R., et al., Now You SeeIt, Now You Don’t: Using SeeIt to Compare Stacked Dotplots to Boxplots, Statistics Education Web (STEW), n. d., n. pag. Available at http://www.amstat.org/education/stew/pdfs/NowYouSeeItNowYouDont.pdf. (First Prize High School Category National Competition for Best Statistics Education Web/Census at School Lesson Rules and Guidance, July 2014).

7. Cooper, A. Kirksey, J., Diaz, R. Can an Algebraic Diagnostic Test Be Used to Predict Final Grades in an Introductory Statistics Class?, American Journal of Undergraduate Research, 12 (2) (2015). Available at http://www.ajuronline.org/uploads/Volume%2012/Issue_2/AJURVol12Issue2Jan2015pp43_56.pdf.

8. Lewis, C., Diaz, R., Lopez, G., Marki, N., Olivo, B. A Preliminary Study to Evaluate Postural Improvement in Subjects with Scoliosis: Active Therapeutic Movement Version 2 Device and Home Exercise Using the Mulligan’s Mobilization-With-Movement, Journal of Manipulated and Physiological Therapeutics, 37 (7) (2014), pp. 502 – 509.

9. Olvera, M., Diaz, R., et al. EllipSeeIt: Visualizing Strength and Direction of Correlation, Statistics Education Web (STEW), February 2017, n. pag. Available at http://www.amstat.org/asa/files/pdfs/stew/EllipSeeit_6-8_9-12_February2017.pdf.

10. Andaya, G., Hrabak, V.D., Reyes, S., Diaz, R., McDonald, K. Research and Teaching: Examining the Effectiveness of a Postexam Review Activity to Promote Self-Regulation in Introductory Biology Students, Journal of College Science Teaching, 46 (4) (2017), pp. 84-92.

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Research Projects/Interests

  • Estimation Techniques of Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models

  • Statistical Techniques in Cluster Randomized Trials with Dichotomous Outcomes 

  • Statistics in Education

  • Statistical Data Analysis in Collaborative Research

Professional Associations

  • American Statistical Association

  • Phi Beta Delta, the Honor Society for International Scholars