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Abs Abshire Abs Abshire

I am a senior at Sacramento State University. I believe in social justice and that the concept is rooted in social, community, and cultural psychology where more attention is brought on the collective. I hope to acquire a Ph.D. and help lead others along their paths, continuing to be an activist and using my earned skills to conduct meaningful research that helps make positive changes among like-minded people.

Sal Canchola Sal Canchola

I'm a graduating senior. Some of my research interests include moral development in adolescence, positive psychology interventions, and integrating virtue ethics in psychotherapy. 

Emily Krmpotich  Emily Krmpotich

I am a third year graduate student at Sacramento State. I am originally from central Wyoming and completed my undergraduate degree in Washington, D.C. My research interests include cultural, cognitive, and clinical psychology. I hope to get a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and work with clients while also being involved in research and academia.

Marissa Pacheco Marissa Pacheco

I am a recent CSUS graduate. I am interested in pursuing research in multiracial/cultural identity development in children and families. My long-term educational goal is to obtain my Ph.D. in cultural psychology. 

Kyle Perkins Kyle Perkins

I am a fourth-year psychology major at Sacramento State and I plan to attend a graduate program in counseling psychology. My research interests include behavioral neuroscience, counseling/clinical psychology, and cultural psychology. 

Amanda Smith Amanda Smith

I graduated with a major in Health Sciences in Fall 2023. My research interests include health outcomes of underrepresented groups. I will be applying to medical school.

Brandon Williams Brandon Williams

I am a master's student at Sacramento State where I am studying cultural psychology. My research interests include multiculturalism, social media, and bicultural experiences.


Recent Graduates

Nimisha Kumar

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program, University of Oregon

Arianna Gonzales

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program, Washington State University

JeongIn Hong

Ph.D Program in Psychology w/ Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Centration, University of South Florida

Max Brumer

Quantitative Psychology Ph.D. Program, University of Oklahoma

Nimisha Kumar

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program, University of Oregon

Jia Day

Counseling Program, Antioch University Seattle

Zachary Goodman

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program, University of Miami

Tseng Vang

Human Development Ph.D. Program, UC Davis

Tiana Osborne

Research Data Analyst, California Department of Justice