Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Jamie M. Kneitel

Title: Professor

Office Location: TSC 5003

Email: kneitel@csus.edu

Office Phone: (916) 278-6535

Mailing Address: Department of Biological Sciences, Sacramento State University, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6043

Office Hours: Spring 2024: Mon 100-230p & Wed 1000-1130a

Lab : Sequoia Hall 26

Lab Website : http://kneitel.weebly.com

Curriculum vitae :

Courses taught

  • Bio 100: Introduction to Scientific Analysis
  • Bio 167: Quantitative Methods in Biology
  • Bio 160: Ecology
  • Bio 220: Introduction to Scientific Inquiry
  • Bio 220B: Writing Communication
  • Bio 294: Seminar in Ecology
  • Bio 294C: Seminar in Oral Communication


My research focuses on how environmental variation (in space and time) affects biodiversity and functioning of ecological communities.  Laboratory, mesocosm, field, and data mining studies are used with seasonal wetlands (primarily vernal pools and rock pools) to address questions at all ecological levels (individual to ecosystem).

My students and I research a variety of taxa, including bacteria, algae, plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates. Topics include metacommunities, spatial ecology, conservation biology, food webs, eutrophication, species invasions, restoration, endangered species, and disturbance ecology.

I was a Fulbright Scholar (2017 - 2018) Department of Evolutionary & Environmental Biology, University of Haifa (Israel) & Laboratoire de Botanique, Mycologie et Environnement, Université Mohammed V- Rabat (Morocco). I currently serve as a Fulbright Ambassador.

For more information on my research, lab, and publications, visit my website (NOTE: csus.edu blocks Weebly sites): http://kneitel.weebly.com



Recent Selected Publications

(*Graduate student, **Undergraduate Student)

Epele, L.B. Grech. M.G., Williams-Subiza, E.A., Stenert C., McLean, K., Greig, H.S., Maltchik L.,Marques Pires, M., Bird, M.S., Boissezon A., Boix, D., Demierre E., Garcia, P.E., Gascon, S.,Jeffries, M., Kneitel, J.M., Loskutova, O., Manzo, L.M., Mataloni, G.M., Mlambo, M.C., Oertli, B., Sala, J., Scheibler, E. E., Wu, H., Wissinger, S.A. & D. P. Batzer. 2024. A global assessment of environmental and climatic controls on wetland macroinvertebrate structure and function. Global Change Biology: https://doi.org/10.1111/gcb.17173.

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Kido*, R. R. & J. M. Kneitel. 2021. Eutrophication effects differ among functional groups in vernal pool invertebrate communities. Hydrobiologia 848: 1659–1673. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10750-021-04554-5

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