Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Chris Lopez, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor

Office Location: 4009 TSC

Email: c.lopez@csus.edu

Mailing Address: 6000 J street

Twitter : @micro_clopez

Laboratory website : https://lopezlab.weebly.com/


Year 2020-2021

Fall: BIO 139 - General Microbiology Lecture and lab

Spring: BIO 139 - General Microbiology Lecture and Lab; BIO 245 - Host/Microbe Interactions


Previous courses

BIO 39 - Microbiology for Allied Health

Recent Publications

Potential positive and negative consequences of ZnT8 inhibition

Syring KE, Bosma KJ, Goleva SB, Singh K, Oeser JK, Lopez CA, Skaar EP, McGuinness OP, Davis LK, Powell DR, and O'Brien RM (2020) Journal of Endocrinology

Clostridioides difficile proline fermentation in response to commensal Clostridia

Lopez CA, McNeely TP, Nurmakova K, Beavers WN, and Skaar EP (2020) Anaerobe

ZupT facilitates Clostridioides difficile resistance to host-mediated nutritional immunity

Zackular JP, Knippel RJ, Lopez CA, Beavers WN, Maxwell CN, Chazin WJ, and Skaar EP (2020) mSphere

The immune protein calprotectin impacts Clostridioides difficile metabolism through zinc limitation

Lopez CA, Beavers WN, Weiss A, Knippel RJ, Zackular JP, Chazin WJ, and Skaar EP (2019) mBio

The impact of dietary transition metals on host-bacterial interactions

Lopez CA and Skaar EP (2018) Cell Host Microbe


The Lopez lab is primarily interested in understanding how bacteria adapt and survive in the intestines. Our focus is split between exploring adaptation in the pathogenic bacterium Clostridioides difficile and the physiology of beneficial gut bacteria, or the microbiota.