Contact Information

Name: Danielle Joesten Martin

Title: Associate Professor

Office Location: Tahoe 3110


Office Phone: (916) 278-6380

Mailing Address: Department of Political Science, California State University, Sacramento 6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819-6089

Where to find me : Tahoe Hall 3110

Courses that I teach

POLS 1, Essentials of Government

POLS 21, First Year Experience

POLS 100, Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science

POLS 102, Quantitative Reasoning in Political Science

POLS 159A, Campaigns and Elections

POLS 200, Method and Scope in Political Science


Martin, Danielle Joesten and Meredith Conroy. 2023. "Female Candidates' Incumbency and Quality (Dis)Advantage in Local Elections." Accepted for publication at Journal of Women, Politics & Policy.

Martin, Danielle Joesten. 2022. "Ideological and partisan biases in ratings of candidate quality in U.S. House elections." Social Science Quarterly 103(3): 622-634. 

Adams, Brian E., Edward L. Lascher, Jr., and Danielle Joesten Martin. 2021. "Ballot Cues, Business Candidates, and Voter Choices in Local Elections." American Politics Research 49(2): 186-197.

Conroy, Meredith, Danielle Joesten Martin, and Kim L. Nalder. 2020. “Gender, Sex, and the Role of Stereotypes in Evaluations of Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Presidential Candidates.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 41(2): 194-218.

Barker, David C., Danielle Joesten Martin, and Kim L. Nalder. 2019. “Aggregated Fact-Checks, Partisanship, and Perceptions of Candidate Honesty.” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties. Online.

Martin, Danielle Joesten. 2019. “Playing the Women’s Card: How Women Respond to Female Candidates’ Descriptive Versus Substantive Representation.” American Politics Research 47(3): 549-581.

Barker, David C., Kim L. Nalder, and Danielle Joesten Martin. 2019. “Citizen Responses to Fact Checking.” Chapter in One Nation, Two Realities: Dueling Facts in American Democracy, Eds. Morgan Marietta and David C. Barker. New York: Oxford University Press.

Jones, Bradford and Danielle Joesten Martin. 2017. “Path to Citizenship or Deportation? How Elite Cues Shape Opinion on Immigration in the 2010 U.S. House Elections.” Political Behavior 39(1): 177-204.

Adams, James, Erik Engstrom, Danielle Joesten Martin, Jon Rogowski, Boris Shor, and Walter J. Stone. 2017. “Do Moderate Voters Weigh Candidates’ Ideologies? Voters’ Decision Rules in the 2010 Congressional Elections.” Political Behavior 39(1): 205-227. Erratum.

Joesten, Danielle A. and Walter J. Stone. 2014. "Reassessing Proximity Voting: Expertise, Party, and Choice in Congressional Elections." Journal of Politics, 76(3): 740-753. 

Blog Posts

Distrust of fact-checking is not restricted to the right.” Vox, Mischiefs of Faction blog post with David C. Barker and Kim L. Nalder. July 3, 2017.

Nalder, Kimberly, Meredith Conroy, and Danielle Joesten Martin. "The Two Hillary Clinton's: How Supporters and Detractors Describe the Democratic Nominee." London School of Economics' American Politics and Policy (USAPP) blog post. July 2016. 

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