Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Rachael C. Marshall

Title: Assistant Professor

Office Location: Alpine 201

Email: Rachael.marshall@csus.edu

Mailing Address: 6000 J street

Office Hours: Wed 12-3

Counselor Education Courses

Teaching Pedagogy
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Contemplative Pedagogy
  • Experiential Coursework

EDC 250 Education Research

EDC 210 Multicultural Counseling

EDC 260 Career Development

EDC 264 Career Development Systems

EDC 218 Assessment in Counseling

EDC 262 Career Counseling Process

EDC 480 Field Study

EDC 475 Practicum (CCDS)


Model for Teaching




Model For Practice




1. Marshall, R. C. & Bennett E. K. (Under Review). Integrating Mindset and Happenstance Learning Theory. Career Convergence.

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3. Marshall, R. C. & Gibbons, M. (Under Review). Counselor Educators’ Wellness Levels’ Impact on How They Promote Wellness. Counselor Education and Supervision.

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14. Marshall, R. C. Ancillary Materials for Luke, C. (2017). Career-focused counseling: Integrating theory, practice, and neuroscience. San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Press.


 Invited Speaker Presentations

1. Marshall, R. C. (2020, Jan). Burnout & Self-care While Doing Social Justice Advocacy Work. Invited Presenter, School Psychology Conference, CSUS, Sacramento, CA.

2. Marshall, R. C. (2019, Sept). Self-Care and Wellness for New Counselors. Invited Keynote Speaker, Chi Sigma Iota Induction Ceremony, University of Wyoming, WY. 

3. Marshall, R. C. (2019, Jan). LGBT+ Clients and Work Environments. Invited Presenter, School Psychology Conference, CSUS, Sacramento, CA.

4.. Borunda, R. M. & Marshall, R. C. (2018, Nov). Collaboration and Career at Sac City Schools. Invited Guest Speaker, Sacramento City School District meeting, Sacramento, CA.

5. Marshall, R. C. (2018, Nov). Cultural Responsiveness. Invited Guest Speaker, La Familia Counseling Center: Birth & Beyond Program, Sacramento, CA.

6. Marshall, R. C. (2017, Nov). An Introduction to Case Study in Qualitative Research. Guest Lecturer, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

7. Marshall, R C. (2017, June). Neuro-Informed Career-Focused Guided Imagery. Virtual Guest Lecturer, University of Wyoming.

8. Farrell, I. & Marshall, R. C. (2017, Feb). Multicultural Counseling Competencies for Counselors-in-Training. Virtual Guest Lecturer, Southeastern Louisiana University.

Research Interest

My main research focus on career development. Career Development is defined as exploring how people develop career and personal identity. This main focus naturally connects to career counseling practice and counselor career development. These research interests work together to build a foundation for my research agenda. Each of these are interconnected –career development aligns with work that explores how, why, and in what ways individuals develop counselor identity and career development through career counseling:

  • Career counseling is associated with my practice as a counselor specifically how we work with and aid graduate students, international students, and clients from the LGBT+ community in the world of work surrounded by oppression and intersectional forms of discrimination. Career Counseling has the unique opportunity to cross many different disciplines, some that I have collaborated with include sport and education policy, kinesiology, student affairs, and global studies.
  • Counselor development is a large part of my work as a counselor educator; therefore, I am curious as to how counselors in training become effective counselors and my role as a counselor educator in this process. The counselor education process directly connects to wellness as counselors are prone to burnout and impairment associated with their inability to maintain wellness. Mindfulness and contemplative practices are therefore embedded in my teaching and my research (i.e. illustrating the connection between practitioner and scientist).
  • I have illustrated how my research interests connect under the umbrella of career development:




Co-Chair of the College Research Review Committee (CRRC)


European Branch of the American Counseling Association (EB-ACA), President-Elect


European Branch of the ACA (EB-ACA), Executive Board Member & Social Media/Marketing Chair


Association of Creativity in Counseling (ACC), Social media Committee member


Smokey Mountain Counseling Association Social Media Chair, Knoxville, TN


Chi Sigma Iota, Upsilon Theta Professional Advocacy Chair, Knoxville TN


Tennessee Counseling Association, Publication Committee member


Chi Sigma Iota, Upsilon Theta Workshop Chair, Knoxville TN


Professional Organizations

NACE                         National Association for Colleges & Employers

NCDA                        National Career Development Association

CCDA                        California Career Development Association

ACA                           American Counseling Association

CCA                          California Counseling Association

EB-ACA                    European Branch of the ACA

ACC                         Association for Creativity in Counseling

ACES                       Association Counselor Education & Supervision

WACES                   Western Association Counselor Education & Supervision








Faculty Research Fellow Mentor- First Generation College Research Team

CACREP Curriculum Committee

Service-Learning Faculty Learning Community, CSUS, CA

Wellness in the Classroom Faculty Learning Community, CSUS, CA

College Research Review Committee (CRRC), CSUS, Sacramento, CA


Science Fair Judge, Crossings Nashville Action Partnership Science Fair, Antioch, TN


Counseling Experience

Graduate Career Counselor, August 2015-July 2018

Center for Career Development, University of TN Knoxville.

  • Interpreted twelve Strong Interest Inventory, five MBTI, and four Clifton Strengths Finder to large group presentations
  • Organized two Career Panels to explore alternative medical careers
  • Created neuroscience content in What Can I Do With This Major website reaching over 579 users with two million hits a year
  • Counseled an average of 90 clients a school year including student and alumni


Intern Clinical Counselor, August 2016- December 2016

FUTURE Program, University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN

  • Introduced mindfulness-based techniques for students with IDD and/or Autism
  • Counseled five clients regularly and did walk-in appointments to address immediate needs
  • Facilitated two group counseling groups with five members based in creative arts in counseling


Practicum I School Counselor, August 2015-December 2015

West High School, Knoxville, TN

  • Counseled five clients regularly and conducted walk-ins for crisis care
  • Attended five Parent-Teacher conference, and three IEPs
  • Gathered and input needs assessments results for evaluation and student meetings


Academic Counselor, July 2014-June 2015

Nashville State Community College, Nashville, TN

  • Addressed problems affecting students’ academic performance
  • Created activities and events for Advising month
  • Advised 245 students for Tennessee Transfer Pathways and Associates degrees
  • Initiated use of Holland 6 type indicator in counseling


Internship I- College & Career Counselor, Aug 2013-Dec 2013

Lipscomb University Counseling Center, Nashville, TN

  • Initiated a first response wellness night for Resident assistants; including community partnerships and mindfulness resources.
  • Initiated and organized College one Grief Group on campus
  • Interpreted 12 Myers Briggs and other career assessments
  • Engaged in suicide prevention and outreach on campus, spanning 24-hour shifts once a month