Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Bridget Parsh, Ed.D., RN, MSN, CNS

Title: Associate Professor

Office Location: Folsom Hall 2030

Email: parshb@csus.edu

Office Phone: 916.278.1512

Mailing Address: 6000 J Street, Folsom Hall

Office Hours: by appointment

Professional Degrees

Research Interests

  • Characteristics of effective instructors
  • First Year Experience
  • Pediatrics/Emergency Nursing
  • Mentoring new writers for publication

Fall 2005 – Spring 2009         University of San Francisco

  • Doctorate in Education
  • Learning and Instruction Tract
  • Dissertation: “Nursing student and faculty perceptions of the characteristics of effective faculty in the simulated clinical experience” 

Spring 2000 – Spring 2003     California State University, Sacramento

  • Masters in Nursing
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist, Family-Community
  • Phi Kappa Phi induction
  • Thesis: “Potential impact of AB394 – Nurse to Patient Ratio Bill”

 Fall 1982 – Spring 1988                     University of San Francisco

  • Bachelors in Nursing
  • Emphasis in Communication Arts
  • Campus Student Activities Director
  • Nursing Sorority President
  • Residence Hall Advisor


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Presentations & Posters

Wall-Parilo, D., & Parsh, B., (2016) Co-presentor/co-author, “Evidence based research in practice,” California Nursing Students Association Annual State Convention, Pomona, CA 

Mikal-Flynn, J., & Parsh, B. (2016)  Co-presentor/Co-author, Research presentation, “Post traumatic growth in the emergency department,” Global Conferences on Emergency and Trauma Nursing, Sitges, Spain.  

Migliaccio, T., Meyer, S., & Parsh, B. (2016) Co-presenter/co-author, "Academic Emphasis in FYE," High Impact Program Conference, CSU Fullerton, CA 

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Courses that I teach

NURS21: First Year Seminar

NURS138: Nursing and the Childrearing Family


CSUS School of Nursing 

2016 to 2017               Pediatric Faculty Search Committee

2016 to present           Faculty Affairs, Chair

2013 to present           Continuing Education Units, Coordinator

2015                            Mental Health Faculty Search Committee

2015                            Student Affairs, member

2014 to present           Primary Committee, member

2015-2015                   Primary Committee, Chair

2014 to present           Faculty Affairs, member

2014                            School of Nursing Chair Search Committee

2012                            Member, Taskforce for Faculty Evaluations

2012                            Member, Taskforce for N169/N150 Integration

2010-present               Chair, Undergraduate Committee

2007-present               Co-Faculty Advisor, Sac State Nursing Student Association

2009 – 2010                Chair, Program Evaluation Committee

2004-present               Member, Undergraduate Committee

2007                            NCLEX review task force

2006-2009                   Human Subjects Review Committee

CSUS University 

2014-Present             Director, First Year Experience Programs

2016-2017                  American Institutions Committee

2016                            DHSI grant, Faculty advisor to grant committee

2016 to present           Faculty Advisor, Chi Delta Sorority

2015 to present           Faculty Advisor, Softball Club

2014 to present           Undergraduate Studies Committee, member

2015                            Faculty Learning Collaborative, Mentor, Affordable Learning Solutions

2015 to 2016               UARTP campus committee, representative for CHHS

2015 to present           One Book committee, member

2014 to present           One World committee, member

2014 to present           General Education Area E Assessment Committee

2014 to present           Professional Leave Committee

2013 to present           First Year Experience Taskforce, member

2014 to present           Full Circle Student Advisory Panel, Faculty

2014                            Helmsley grant application committee, member

2014 to present           UISFL, Certificate for Healthcare in Spanish, advisor

2012 to 2015               HOSA, Faculty Advisor

2013 to present           Full Circle Project Advisory Board

2011 to 2012               One Book selection committee, member

2005 to 2012               Faculty Mentor, Faculty Student Mentor Program for College of Health and Human Services

2010 to 2012               First Year Advisor, Academic Advising, Sacramento State

2010 – 2015                Member, Graduation Initiative Steering Committee

2011 to 2015               Leader, Theme Five Graduation Initiative Committee

2011                            Member, Senate Select Committee

2009-2011                   Senator, University Faculty Senate

2004 to present           Co-faculty advisor, California Nursing Student Association, CSUS

2009-2013                   Member, Committee on Diversity and Equity

2004 to present           Phi Kappa Phi, member