Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Cindi L SturtzSreetharan, PhD

Title: Associate Professor

Office Location: MND 4034

Email: csturtz@csus.edu

Office Phone: Please use email

Mailing Address: Sacramento State 6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819-6043

Office Hours: TBD

Where to find me : 4034 Mendocino Hall

Courses that I teach

  • ANTH 4:    Language, Culture, and Critical Thinking
  • ANTH 2H:  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Honor's Section
  • ANTH 134: Japanese Culture and Society
  • ANTH 160: Linguistic Anthropology
  • ANTH 169: Research Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
  • ANTH 190: Advanced Topics in Linguistic Anthropology


2010   With Janet S. Shibamoto and Debra J Occhi.  Finding Mr. Right:  New looks at gendered

modernity in Japanese Televised Romances.

Published as part of the Special Issue:  Language in

Public Spaces in Japan Journal of Japanese Studies 30(3):  409-17.

2009   "Ore" and "Omae": Japanese men's use of first- and second-person pronouns

Pragmatics 19(2):  253-278.

2008    Osaka Aunties:  Negotiating Honorific Language, Gender, and Regionality in Brown, Amy

 & Josh Iorio (eds.) Proceedings of SALSA XVI:  2008 Texas Linguistic Forum 52:  163 – 173.

2006    I read the Nikkei, tooCrafting positions of authority and masculinity in Japanese

Conversations, the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 16(2):  173 – 193.

2006    Gentlemanly Gender?  Japanese Men’s Politeness in Casual Conversations,

Journal of Sociolinguistics:  10(1):  70-92.

2004   Japanese Men’s Linguistic Stereotypes and Realities:  Conversations from the Kansai and

Kanto regions in Okamoto, S. and (Shibamoto)Smith, J. (eds.) Japanese Language, Gender,

and Ideology: Cultural Models and Real People, Oxford University Press:  275 – 289.

2004    Students, Sarariiman (pl.), and Seniors:  Japanese men’s use of “manly” speech register.

Language in Society 33:  81-107.

2002    “Uwaki tte iu no wa attemo ii n janai ka?”:  Japanese men’s conversations up-close and

personal.  (“It’s alright to have a mistress/affair, isn’t it?”), Japanese Studies 22(1):  49-63.

Research Projects/Interests

Linguistic Anthropology

Language and Linguistic Ideologies

Language and Gender (specifically masculinity)

Standardization pressures on regional variation


Professional Associations

  • JAWS:  Japan Anthropology Workshop (Society)
  • SLA:  Society for Linguistic Anthropology
  • SEA:  Society for East Asian Anthropology
  • AAA:  American Anthropological Association