Policy on Letters of Recommendation

1. Unless it is for a job or other extenuating circumstances, Dr. Sobredo only writes a letter of recommendation AFTER a student has completed the class.

2. Requests must be made a least TWO WEEKS before the due date. 

3. Provide the name and address of the institution to which you want the letter of recommendation sent. 

4. WRITE a statement of "Why I am Applying to X" (grauduate school, scholarship, etc.). Include any relevant information that I need to know about you that may be important to mention in your letter. 

5. WRITE a summary of WHAT classes you took from Dr. Sobredo and WHEN (what semester) you took those classes. What grades did you receive for those classes? 

6. Provide the FORM or email address or web address that must be completed for the letter of recommendation.

7. Dr. Sobredo writes letters of recommendation that are SEALED and/or where the student gives up the right to read the letter. 

8. Recommendation letters are written only during the regular semester and when classes are in session. 

Dr. Sobredo
Ethnic Studies Department