*The Extra Credit event is annouced and stipulated as such by the professor, and, unless otherwise specified, he normally allows ONE extra credit per student for the semester. 

*An event qualifies for "extra credit" if (a) it is announced in class or on this website as an extra credit event/opportunity, OR (b) it is an Ethnic Studies or multicultural event at the University. If you are unsure, ask the professor before attending and doing the extra credit assignment.

*Attend the event and take notes so that you can use them for your written assignment.

ASSIGNMENT: TYPE-WRITTEN PAPER (2 pages, double-spaced) of the event you attend is due the following week.

Page 1:  Write a SUMMARY of the event that highlights the race/ethnicity, class and/or gender themes.
Page 2: Explain and discuss HOW the event you just attended is related to the topics we discussed in class.

Write your name in the FRONT of the paper and submit in class the following week--if you complete all these requirements, you will get the full extra credit points.

Thanks/Maraming Salamat.

Dr. Sobredo