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Terri A. Castaneda, Ph.D.

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Office Mendocino Hall 4028
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(Fall 2018 through Summer 2019)

E-mail tac [at] csus [dot] edu
Mailing Address California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6106


ANTH 2: Intro to Cultural Anthropology | ANTH 146: Ethnographic Analysis| ANTH 176: Museums, Culture & Society | ANTH 177: Museum Methods | ANTH 205: Ethnology | ANTH 276: Museum Anthropology


Federated Indians of California | Marie Mason Potts (Mountain Maidu), California Indian Newspaper Editor & Activist

Selected Scholarship


Marie Mason Potts: The Lettered Life of a California Indian Activist, book ms. under contract with University of Oklahoma Press.

American Indian Lives and Voices: the Promise and Problematics of Life Narratives. Reviews in Anthropology, 38(2): 132-165 (April 2009).

Marie Potts and the Smoke Signal of the Federated Indians of California. In Women in Print: Essays on the Print Culture of American Women from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, J. Danky and W. Wiegand (eds.), pp. 77-125. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press (2006).

Salvaging the Anthropologist-Other at California's Tribal College. American Indian Quarterly, Vol. 26 (2): 308-319 (Spring 2002). 

Discourses of Islands and Natives in Late 20th-Century Galveston: Symbolic Circumscriptions of Penetrated Space (pdf)ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, Vol. 8 (1):137-147 (Winter 2001).

Beyond the Trocadero: Mickey's Wild West Show and More. Public Culture 5(3):607-613 (Spring 1993).

Negotiating Autonomy: African Women and the Manipulation of Christian Ideology. In Embodied Love: Sensuality and Relationship as Feminist Values. P. Cooey, S. Farmer, and M.E. Ross, eds. Pp. 171-189, San Francisco: Harper & Row (1987).

Conference Papers

Indigenous Words and Worlds: Themes of Cultural Loss and Longing in the Writing of Marie Potts, Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Université Bordeaux-Montaigne (Bordeaux, France) July 2017.

Across the Sierra to Philadelphia and Beyond: the Unlikely Contours of a Mountain Maidu Life, American Society for Ethnohistory (Nashville) November 2016.

California Indian Writer, Editor and Activist: The Lettered Life of Marie Mason Potts, Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Triennial Conference (Philadelphia) November 2015.

Marie Potts: Writing and Remembering a Mountain Maidu Life, California Indian Conference, University of California, Irvine, October 2010.

California Indian Land Claims Activism and Urban Landless Indians in North Central California, Southwestern Anthropological Association (Reno) April 2010.

The Indian Claims Commission and Pan-Indian Activism in Northern California: The Federated Indians of California, American Society for Ethnohistory, UC-Riverside, November, 2003.

Conversations with the Third Generation: Fieldwork and the Work of Cultural Production Among the Descendants of California Indian Consultants and Cultural Elites, American Anthropological Association (New Orleans) 2002.


The Lettered Life of a Mountain Maidu Woman: An Archival Portrait of Marie Mason Potts, Maidu Museum & Historic Site (Roseville) March 21- May 9, 2015.

Mapping Heritage, Shooting our Imaginations: Early Works by Frank L. Day (with Valerie Garcia), University Union Gallery, CSUS, September 30 - October 24, 2013.

Object Lessons: The Basket Collections of Joel Sheldon Cotton and Anthony G. Zallio (with Holly Lamb), University Library Gallery Annex, CSUS, September 2011.

American Indian Histories: Art, Object, Text, Anthropology Museum, CSUS, Spring, 2009.

Art in the Life of the Native American, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, Texas, 1986-1992.

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