MIS 270

IT Strategic Analysis and Planning

Description. Emphasizes the process of analyzing and planning for the optimal utilization of information systems and information technology to achieve the strategic goals or competitive advantages in relation to organization's competitors, customers, suppliers, services and products. Prerequisite: MIS 210 or equivalent. 3 units.


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Textbook: Corporate Information Strategy and Management: Text and Cases, 7th edition, Lynda M. Applegate, F. Warren McFarlan and Robert D. Austin.  McGraw-Hill, 2005, ISBN  0072947756 (Order through  Barnes & Noble or  Bookbyte.com)


Syllabus (updated Jan. 10) Print and bring a copy to class.
School of Business Administration Add/Drop Policy Please read.  


Class Notes

  • Week 1 Introduction: American Airlines and SABRE, business model, strategy, strategic grid, strategic positioning, strategic shifts, strategic opportunities and risks (Updated: Jan. 23)
  • Week 2 Strategic opportunities and risks, organizational redesign (Updated: Jan. 30)
    Strategic co-alignment
  • Week 3 Strategic alignment, business networks (Updated: Feb. 6)
  • Week 4 Business networks, leveraging IT (Updated: Feb. 13)
  • Week 5 Networked organizations, IT infrastructure and operations, strategic alignment, and IT adoption (Updated: Feb. 20
  • Week 6 IT infrastructure, IT infrastructure availability and reliability, IT security (Updated: Feb. 27
  • Week 7 Managing a diverse IT infrastructure (on demand, utility and grid computing) and outsourcing (Updated: March 6
    What is grid computing? (article)
    Grid computing architecture How does it work? (article)
    Anatonmy of Grid Computing (article)
  • Week 8 - Mr. Andrew Armani, Deputy Secretary, California State Dept. of Consumer Affairs, guest speaker. 
  • Week 9 Organizational focus: end-user vs. IT dominance, IT leadership and governance (Updated: March 27
  • Week 10 Strategic outsourcing (Updated: April 3
  • Week 11 Portfolio approach to managing IT projects (Updated: April 10
  • Week 12 Managing infrastructure and operations, IT leadership issues (Updated: April 10




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