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Keeping to the simplistic is not in my nature. Finding resolution on multiple planes is how I approach creating visual images and making statements. My work covers three basic visual approaches; sculpture, installation and performance. In these three “classifications” I explore the following subject matter the order of which is not hierarchical.

I feel rooted in physical dimension. I am my own reference. Works form as a result of my relationship to space. I respond emotionally, intellectually and physiologically. Hence the human form is my solace, my vehicle.
In my works the human form is usually referenced either physically through performance or by the absence of this form in a visual discussion. Whether objects appear in an installation or in a modular sculpture they communicate with each other by proximity and through metaphor. Objects take on personifications through physical characteristics texture and color. Relationships are arranged overtly with the use of symmetry or obliquely through juxtaposition. Sound, physical property, monologue and movement all are employed to describe both the limitations and the expansions of living in a singularly human consciousness. The commons that link us is what draws the universal meanings to the surface through tension, conflict, definition and resolution. All of which are concurrent with existence today.

Water is breath. Our entire existence is dependent on its delicate balance. I need not express its importance yet as material it speaks volumes. In my work I use water in the physical and as metaphor. Water draws emotional references we embody from turmoil or agitation to the soothing or eddy to serene or still. Water also is a means for cleansing, source of food and place for commerce. I see the duality of water being a descriptive between need and fear. This substance where in which we have many words to describe with numerous and varied relationships that continue to carry great mystery and intrigue. Still yet due to our dependencies on water as resource and its species within continues the threat of its existence.
Water offers opportunity to investigate space and form, image, light and motion coupled with a chance to discover more about ourselves and how this life can become more fluid and calmer. I have much to learn from water and its physical property and varied states.

My survival is dependent on my ability to move. The automobile and other means of transportation are the economic sources of control. Being raised by the industry, working for the industry and consuming in the industry has shaped my existence without me being completely aware of the ramifications. My work embodies the truths and imperceptions connected to the love of the automobile and the industrial age. We are caught between ages rooted by the industrial while looking to silicon technology in the new millennium. Yet, industrial and silicon technology affords us the real life fantasies that can take us beyond this world.
No one can dispute the inter-twinning of life and the making of image yet my investigations seem limited by my human existence. How does one escape the trappings of human consciousness while remaining a part of this world. I am interested in creating a sense of transport or movement in my work speaking of transitional states of mind from one existence to perhaps another.

It has been the case that many of my works have had there own existence. The works are created, performed, appear, exist for a time and then they are removed and reformed into another (absorbed). I employ aspects of time including performances based on duration, materials that morph with time and the consequential change of the image due to environmental conditions. I see time as metaphorical as water where the descriptive personifications are endless and can be interpreted to suite the needs of a given work. Collectively and individually I experience the conflictive and the passive in current world affairs and respond through the interpretation of image. Now more than ever our individual freedom of expression is what I revere most.